Goodbye August 2016

Hello babes,

I know, I know, I’m super late with this post but it has been a crazy and awful week, so I couldn’t manage getting anything blog-related done. Now it’s September and I feel like this year is totally rushing me to finally achieve something and I’m clearly not up for the race. Surprise, surprise, I’m still without a permanent job and I’ve done a lot of thinking about how screwed up the whole system is. It frustrates me so much that I get worked up over everything and the only thing that keeps me from completely going nuts is binge-watching TV shows that take my mind off of everything. But this cannot go on forever, so I am completely overthinking everything and I really, really, really want to find something by Christmas. If you could keep your fingers crossed for me, that would be great.

The reason for my terrible week was the start of my Internship on September first. Sure, it’s a good thing but it also means to go through a lot of hassle for just one month, when all I want is to start a real job. I really don’t know why I start acting like a baby who doesn’t want to leave her mother when something like this comes up, but I didn’t really have much of a choice. I guess it’s because for the past ten months, I’ve done nothing but hang around at home and totally got used to it. Not good, not good at all. I felt sick for days, I barely ate, I was in a terrible mood but now I’m doing it and I’ll survive. It’s only a month, after all. I’ll let you know how it all went, when it’s over.

In general, August wasn’t the most exciting month, even though there was lots of good weather. It doesn’t really change anything for me, since everyone else has to work. I had a few dates with friends and a fun party night with some of my oldest and best loves. The party sucked but with the right people, you never stop laughing and sometimes, that’s all your soul needs to feel better. That and four sausages (Bratwurst) in a bun, chocolate covered strawberries and a crêpe made me go to bed a very happy camper.

On the not so bright side, I cracked my phone screen, I had an awful sleeping schedule, especially thanks to the Olympics, I’ve been dealing with paining teeth and it drives me nuts but apparently my dentist isn’t able to do anything about it, which is bullshit, and I really was even more lazy than the months before. I’ve totally learned how to embrace my unemployment but I’m not too proud of that. So yeah, goodbye August, I’m not really gonna miss you.

I hope all of you are doing fabulous and I can assure you that I’m doing a lot better, as well. In case you had to deal with my constant moaning and ranting on Twitter, sorry for that but I really, really felt terrible. I’ll try to be better, depending on how the internship goes. But now it’s the weekend, I slept in, I’m chilling, did a lot of cleaning because the place I’m living at isn’t really clean enough for my taste (Why are guys such pigs and why do the landlords do nothing about it? I’m never moving in with a guy, ever!) and now it’s time for more chilling and TV. I’m good, I have plans, I’m adjusting to everything new, this month, and it will all be fine. I do miss my room, though but that is always the case, since it’s super special to me.

XO Hailey 

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3 Responses to Goodbye August 2016

  1. Holly says:

    I totally know the feeling of having a period of being jobless and not being able to do anything about it, it’s terrible. So my fingers are crossed you’ll get out of that rough patch!
    Hope everything gets peachy soon :)
    Holly x |


    • Thanks, Holly. That is very sweet of you. It definitely helpd to know that people have experienced the same problems. I don’t know, it makes you feel less alone. I can definitely use all the crossed fingers I can get. Someday, it will work. :) xx


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