A List Of Things I’m Terrible At

Perfectly Imperfect I feel like most people always try their hardest to present themselves in their very best way but I think it’s completely okay to show off your flaws. Perfection is totally overrated and I feel like flaws are what make people interesting. Sure, not all imperfections are honorable but most are tolerable, and some can even be cute. Anyway, I share with you some things that I am absolutely terrible at because I’m far, far away from being perfect.

01. Math
It was definitely one of my worst subjects in school but I found a uni major that didn’t include any of it. I’m so bad that I still count with my fingers when I do math, but I manage. I got it from my mama.

02. Being patient
Waiting for someone or something totally kills my mood and I absolutely hate it. And yeah, I’m a complete hypocrite because I’m a pro at keeping people waiting. But you know what the worst kind of waiting is? When you’re expecting important mail and the post man takes forever to arrive.

03. Keeping my balance
It’s so bad that you can actually see me tripping while simply standing somewhere. It’s ridiculous.

04. Getting out of bed
I will get up when I need to be somewhere. I’m never happy about it but okay. However, when I don’t have to leave the house, which has been the case for quite a few months now, it can be impossible to make me get up. I need someone to steal my blanket and pour water over my face but that person would most likely get killed.

05. Stop binge-watching shows
I just can’t do it. I’m always like “one more episode is ok” and then end up staying awake way too long. That’s particularly bad when I need to get up early.

06. Only eating a handful of chips
I mean honestly, who in the world is capable of doing that?!

07. Going to bed at a reasonable time
I’ve always been more of a night owl so going to bed early just never really works. Trust me, I’ve tried many times. That always results in me sleeping all day when I don’t need to be somewhere or me not getting enough sleep when I do have to leave my bed.

08. Wearing actual pants
I just don’t really like them. 90% of the time you’ll see me in leggings. There are also sweatpants and maybe I’ll jump into some jeggings but that also doesn’t happen very much. Leggings are my religion.

09. Remembering how old my family members are
With me being terrible with math and all, you can imagine that I’m bad with numbers. I pretty much always get their age wrong.

10. Responding to emails
I like writing emails but I’m terrible at responding and I can’t even tell you why.

11. Keeping my room cleaned up
I absolutely love when my room is all neat and tidy but I’m just super terrible at keeping it that way. I just suck at putting my stuff away after using it.

12. Being on time for dates
I’m usually on time when it comes to official appointments or work but I’ll probably not be super early, either. I do have a problem with being on time when I’m meeting with friends or family and I hate when any of them keep me waiting. I’m a horrible person.

13. Cutting carbs
I mean not eat pasta, pizza or bread? I tried but it’s just not for me. I’ll just accept my little food belly and enjoy the wonderful taste of carbs.

14. Sticking to my blog schedule
How hard can it be to blog three times a week when you literally have nothing to do? I’ll tell you, super hard. Bad, bad blogger.

15. Using up stationery before buying anything new
If you tell me right now that you actually do that, I will really question the universe. I really try but it’s just always too cute to leave at the store. I’ve gotten a lot better at it, though.

16. Early mornings
As you have probably figured out by now, I don’t do mornings and if I have to, I won’t be in a very good mood.

17. Keeping secrets from my mom
We don’t really have secrets from each other but sometimes, I may not want to tell her something or at least keep it to myself for a while but it hardly ever works. When I was younger, I thought about secretly getting tattoos or piercings but I could’ve never gotten away with it.

18. Riding a bike
It sure took me a while to learn it as a child and it only really worked after my parents told me they would buy me a present when I make it. After that, I had pretty solid bike riding skills and a super fancy bike but nowadays, I don’t really want to go near one. The few times I dared to go for a ride, I always ended up being lucky not to end up in hospital.

19. Making important calls
Technically, I’m actually pretty good at this but I hate it. Whenever I need to make calls for a doctors appointment or ring up a company or call someone who offers an appartment or anything like that, I postpone or try to send emails etc, even though it takes so much more time. I blame my mother for this because she made calls for me for way too long.

20. Setting an alarm
I don’t know how many times this has happened to me. It also has to do with my math problem because when I try to figure out when exactly I have to get up, I mess it up and even if I get it right, chances are I still set it all wrong.

21. Keeping my mouth shut
As a kid, I was rather shy but the older I got, the more than changed. Me and my loud mouth have gotten in some trouble here and there but that’s ok. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself and things just slip out. Sorry not sorry. If you have no sense of humor though, you probably don’t want to hang with me.

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