MTV Video Music Awards 2016

VMAs-Red-Carpet-Live-StreamIt’s been a week since the VMA’s were celebrated in New York City and I’m sure that now, I can’t spoil it for anyone when I tell you what was going on. I’ve been a huge fan of award shows for many, many years and those presented by MTV were always my favorite. Unfortunately, I feel like they haven’t really gotten better throughout the years. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the last few years were a little disappointing but I still stay up all night and watch them from start to finish. One thing I’ve started doing only last year is watching the online live streams of audience, backstage and carpet cameras, while the show is on TV. I think it’s hilarious to see what the celebrities are doing while they think nobody is watching and it can be more entertaining than what is going on stage.

► Fashion

Was it only me or did anyone else think that the red, or in this case white, carpet was a bit underwhelming? I mean let’s be honest, nobody slayed like Blue Ivy did, not even her mother. The Final Five looked stunning, as well as Hailey Baldwin and the smokin’ Ashley Graham. And I’m so glad that Nicki Minaj at some point decided to drop her bubble gum hair and style because she looked absolutely incredible. Blue is totally her color. Aside from Blue Ivy, I would like to award Alicia Keys because she showed people how gorgeous she is, sans make-up, making an important statement by going all natural. I salute her for that. Overall, it was pretty much the same old, same old transparency and glitter. Well, and Bey added some feathers to it but that didn’t really do it for me. Out of her whole posse, Winnie Harlow killed the most.

I was really not a fan of Dascha Polanco’s outfit cause those jeans were awful and the whole look just didn’t work. She’s such a gorgeous woman, though. Also, Nick Jonas stole MC Hammer’s look, Naomi Campbell looked like she was kicked in the face by Dorothy and her red glitter shoes, and where those cats on Jaden Smith’s whatever that was? Weird. Again, pretty underwhelming. Where is Gaga in a meat dress when you need her?!

MTV Video Music Awards 2016

► Awards

To even call this an award show, when hardly any award was presented during the show, is ridiculous. Today, it’s all about too many commercials and people talking annoying crap that nobody cares about. I mean, who the hell thought it was a great idea to give Kanye a spot to do whatever he feels like doing?! What angers me the most about this is the fact that he always has opinions about everyone and everything. He thinks he’s freakin’ Jesus but when when he has the opportunity to make a statement, maybe talk about things that actually matter, he just offers incoherent babbling. Everytime you let him speak, he’s complaining, talking bad about someone who didn’t deserve fame or an award etc. Seriously dude, grow up. And just for the record, he’s always raving about Beyoncé, but during her fantastic performance, he and Kim were sitting backstage playing with their phones. Just sayin’.

In general, I feel like there were not enough celebrities in the house. The audience was full of seat fillers and most of the stars left after their performances, leaving the place with more seat fillers. Where is Taylor Swift shaking it off when you need her?! The best speech was clearly given by the wonderful Alicia Keys who addressed things that really matter and should’ve gotten more time to talk. Jimmy Fallon would’ve been a fantastic host and I vote for him getting that job, next year. I mean, him dressing up as Ryan Lochte and seeing Michael Phelps’ face was priceless.

I love that Drake won, I love that Fifth Harmony won, I guess Calvin Harris accidentally forgot to thank Taylor for his song and it was no surprise that Beyoncé took home the most awards. Thank God, I couldn’t have survived another Kanye rant. Anyway, I guess the cutest moment was Drake presenting Rihanna with her vanguard award. During the show, the backstage camera showed him and I was freaking out because I was 95% sure that he would honor Rihanna and I really wanted to see that. They are so cute together and it was a lovely speech.

Check out the full list of winners here.

Beyoncé VMAs

► Performances

The line-up of performers was amazing. Before the show started, I was really excited for everyone who was announced to hit the stage. Ariana Grande worked out more during her performance than I do in a whole year, Nick Jonas did really well and I was really looking forward to seeing Britney on stage. Unfortunately, she lip-synced her way through her performance and as pretty as the whole stage shadow-composition was, it didn’t really match her whole Vegas glitter performance. Beyoncé, who gave a whole Lemonade concert, of course slayed but honestly, I don’t think it was ok. She had her moment two years ago, when she received the vanguard award and this year, it was supposed to be Rihanna’s night. Sure, she opened the show, she closed the show and gave something in-between, but Bey totally stole her moment. Rihanna’s show unfortunately wasn’t anywhere near as great as the performance Queen B presented, because let’s be honest, she barely sings (I’ve seen her live three times and it’s honestly a waste of money), but still it just wasn’t right. Her show was great though, minus the singing or the lack thereof. I love that girl but she just doesn’t work, work, work hard enough on stage.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 28: Rihanna performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/WireImage)

So there you go, my thoughts on the whole show. I guess I didn’t really find too many positive things to say but these awards are just not as good as they used to be. I want a star-studded audience, more than a handful of awards, fabulous performances with fire, snakes, and everything else and a fun host would be fab, as well. But knowing me, I will still stay up all night, year after year because I just have to and can’t help myself. I mean, you never know what happens, right?!

All pictures were taken from the MTV website.

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