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I always love being tagged in posts and asked to answer questions because sometimes, I just don’t know what to write about and it’s a nice change for my blog. They’re fun and give the reader another peek into my life and thoughts. The lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland came up with another fun Disney tag and this time, it’s all about Aladdin. It was the first movie I watched at the theatre and I think it’s one of the best. I would love to tag people but I feel like when I did that in the past, most people were not really much into these kind of posts and I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to do it. So if you’re into tags and love Disney, please just go for it and answer these questions.

Aladdin Agrabah

Are you more a Street Rat or a Princess/Sultan?
I’d love to say street rat but I’ve always been more on the princess side. I don’t need others to do everything for me, but I do like to sleep in a comfy bed, eat regularly and take nice showers. But like Jasmine, I wouldn’t want to be kept inside a palace 24/7 and totally sneak out for some adventures. I just know that I really wouldn’t survive living on the streets.

Would you rather have a pet Tiger, Parrot or Monkey?
A monkey for sure cause I always wanted one. Not that I would get one because they’re not supposed to be kept as pets, but I’m a huge fan of chimpanzees and I find them completely fascinating. I’d also like a white tiger because they’re so incredibly beautiful. I actually have small figures of both these animals because I love them. I’m totally not a bird person, except maybe peacocks. But a chimpanzee, a white tiger and peacocks would be a bit much, right?

You have 3 wishes from the Genie himself, choose wisely…
Oh man, this is tough one.
1. I wish to visit the whole world.
2. I wish for all the craziness in this world to stop.
3. I wish that my mom gets three wishes, as well.


Where would you go if you could go on a one-night magic carpet ride?
First of all, I think that the scene is one of the greatest dates I’ve ever seen in movies. It’s adventurous, romantic and just really unique. Definitely good qualities in a man plus he’s cute. (I know, still a liar though.) I would just want to see as many places as possible because the world looks amazing, at night. Some big cities with lots of lights would be great.

How would you deal with Jafar?
I would try to come up with a way to trick him because I don’t just let bad people have their way. He’s an arrogant male bully who only want to have power over others. It sounds so familiar and I just don’t accept these things. And when someone endangers my family, he better run anyway.

Who would be your perfect Prince/Princess?
I don’t believe there is such thing but of course there are some qualities I look for in a guy. He should be confident enough to handle me, be passionate and not just a puppet, he needs to be open-minded, humorous, honest and if all that comes with a nice face and a tall body, I’d be delighted.

Arabian nights or Arabian days?
I’ve always been a night owl so definitely Arabian nights. I really tried to be a daytime person many times but it’s just not my thing. I’ve always worked a lot better when everyone else was asleep. That’s how I worked my way all through university. My brain and body just work a lot better in the middle of the night.


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