Female TV Characters That Stuck With Me

I’ve always been pretty addicted to watching TV and have binge-watched countless shows, over the years. Currently, I have like 15 on my list which sure sounds crazy, but it is what it is. Some of the shows I’ve watched have provided me with some great role models and some ladies stuck with me over many years, for different reasons. During Twitter chats, people often ask to describe yourself through some characters and it made me really think about who I share things with and who has influenced me. Even though these characters are created by amazing writers, I get really attached to them. I mean, if you watch season after season, you can’t just not feel with these characters and in a way, they become your friends. So here is a list with some of my all-time favorite female TV show characters and why these particular ones stuck with me.

Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl
I’m sure we can all agree that she is the ultimate queen of everything. Whatever your situation is, if you think “what would Blair Waldorf do?” you’ll probably find a solution. She’s just such an ultimate boss babe and I adore her. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s confident, she’s a leader and she scares people. She’s the whole package. Just thinking about her makes we want to start watching Gossip Girl again, right now. Sure, Blair can be a real bitch, but she also has a soft side and it’s lovely when she shows it. I mean, as girls, we’re still expected to be a certain way, act a certain way and personally, I couldn’t care less about any of it and I feel like Blair has a pretty IDGAF attitude.

Another reason why I love her is because of her weak spot for Chuck Bass. When you’re a Blair type of person, it’s super hard to open up and let your feelings happen. When you fall in love, you kind of lose control of your emotions and that’s the good and bad thing about love. Blair struggles with it a lot and doesn’t always get treated in a way she deserves to be treated. But when you love somebody with all your heart, you sometimes forgive and keep believing. I’m not saying that it’s ok to be treated like crap but it’s ok to be weak sometimes and let your heart make decisions. You can’t always be strong and yes, sometimes you give the person that hurt you the most a second chance.

Blair Waldorf

 Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City
When people used to ask me what I wanted to do for a living, I always wanted to answer “be Carrie Bradshaw.” Because let’s be honest, her life is pretty damn cool. Do I know that the show gives you unrealistic expectations of freelance journalists? Sure. Would I still want to live that life? Definitely. Carrie writes for a living. She’s not tied to an office, has her own column and just writes about things that happen in her life, especially her love-life. Here and there, she publishes a book and with all that she can afford a fabulous New York apartment, a closet full of Manolo Blahnik’s, food dates on a daily basis and in general just anything you could hope for. Reality sure looks a lot different but still, the way she lives and works has always inspired me and given me ideas about what I want to do and where I want to go. If I could get a book published someday and work as a freelance journalist, that would be amazing.

I also admired Carrie for being single for a long time, despite her age and society’s expectations, but I also loved when she really lost her heart and learned to love, trust and compromise. And if I know one thing, it’s just super hard, especially when you’ve been alone for a really long time. She found her Mr. Big, although I still question her taste in men, but who the hell am I to talk. And the bond between these four women is also something that I connect with Carrie. Friendship is so important and I wouldn’t want to be without my girls. I would also see myself a little as the Carrie Bradshaw of our group. Who knows, maybe I suddenly feel like getting married in my 40s, as well.

Carrie Bradshaw

Summer Roberts – O.C. California
You remember her? First of all, I actually hate her because she dated Seth Cohen and he was my ultimate crush for quite a while. I also loved her because the growth of her character throughout the show was incredible and reminds me a lot of myself. I used to be a true girly girl, only caring about parties, boys, fashion etc. and in the beginning of the show, Summer was that girl. She was a snob, a bully, super shallow, and boy did I feel sorry for poor Seth who just adored her. The moment she admitted to everyone that she’s in love with a nerd still warms my heart, though. And she even dressed up as a super hero for him, which I would totally do. She was just a very fun character.

Her journey from being this stereotypical dumb girly girl to becoming a hard-working, nature loving Brown student, who didn’t hide her intelligence anymore and started believing in herself, is something that is very close to my heart. I was that girly, I was always thought of as stupid, I doubted myself but you know what? I went to uni, I marched through it like a champ and I couldn’t care less about the things today that I cared about, when I was younger. And yes, I wouldn’t mind dating a cute nerd like Seth Cohen, at all. Intelligence and a good sense of humor are so much more important than muscles or a fancy car.

Summer Roberts

Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls
Everybody’s darling Rory Gilmore. Honestly, at first glance we don’t have much in common. Growing up, Rory was nothing like me at all but just because people don’t seem alike, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything in common. I share her love for literature, her loyalty toward friends and her relationship with her mother. Rory and Lorelei may be a bit extreme but I’ve always shared a strong bond with my mother and we both used to especially love this about the show. The dad figure was also difficult in my life and I definitely know a thing or two about difficult and snobby grandparents.

What I admire Rory most for is her effort and hard work she puts into her education. I honestly wish I would’ve had more of her motivation during school, but I caught up at university. I was a total nerd and I loved it. What I share most with Rory is her love for journalism and the brutal reality of actually becoming a journalist. It’s damn hard and even the brightest people and hardest workers struggle. And I know that I would’ve totally fallen for Jess or Logan, as well. Bad boys for life. (Please not!)

Rory Gilmore

Clarissa Darling – Clarissa Explains it All
I’m not even sure if everyone knows this character because it’s been a while, since this show aired. I’m a 90s kid and Clarissa was definitely an important part of it. A young teenage girl with normal problems everyone could relate to. She dressed in typical 90s style and wasn’t too much of a girly girl. Her best friend was a boy, she fought with her younger brother all the time and had a pet alligator. I thought she was so cool and I even made some signs for my door that resembled some of hers.

Occasionally, I still watch this show and I even have a season on DVD. She’s still cool and I wish there were shows like this around, today. Young authentic and relatable characters and it’s not about rich people, relationships or fashion, all the time. It’s about problems with school or family in a very down-to-earth kind of way. I think Clarissa will always be a cool role model for young people and is definitely a character I will always like.


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5 Responses to Female TV Characters That Stuck With Me

  1. Holly says:

    I loved this post!! There are always those people that just stay with you. Definitely agree with on Blair Waldorf, she is the ultimate queen. I just love how she always carried herself so classy and was strong in her own right. Also loved Carrie Bradshaw, SATC is one my all time favourite shows.
    Holly x | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625


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  3. Honey says:

    I hate Carrie B., I dislike Blair and I love Rory. (the rest I haven’t watched) 😀
    btw to me, it doesn’t seem crazy to watch 100 shows at the same time, I’m also doing it constantly (currently watching 6) I love being addicted to shows haha
    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


    • And I didn’t reply to this one either. Sorryyyyy. :( I need to better myself again. Make lists of all the blogging things I want to do on a daily basis. But thanks for stopping by, anyway. :) I can’t beliebe you dislike Blair though. :D I mean WHYYYYY???!!! She’s the Queen.
      Are you excited for all the shows coming back this fall? My list is already sooo long. It’s gonna be fantastic. :)


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