Goodbye January 2017

Goodbye January,

wow, the first month is already over and for me, it was one hell of a roller coaster ride. As some of you may know, I started a new job and what can I say, I didn’t really have a good start. I was really sick and basically left on my first day to go see a doctor, after only an hour. In total, I was on sick leave for almost two weeks and boy did I feel sorry for myself. I never get sick like this and it was no fun at all. Imagine starting a new job and being sick from the get go. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be employee of the month.

Aside from being sick, the thought of going from being unemployed for more than a year to full-time was hard to digest, as well. Sure, it was about time for me to move forward but it was so hard for me to get my head around it. Even when you’re not happy, you just get used to a certain situation and I was used to simply doing nothing. I had so much time to myself and now, it’s the exact opposite. I drove myself crazy and thought I couldn’t do it but I had to push through and now, I’m good.

I was blessed to work with some awesome people and those girls are just fabulous. Not once did someone give me a weird vibe for starting out being sick. They are super helpful and understanding and we get along, just great. I’m actually sad that sometime in the future, I will change locations because it totally makes more sense for me in terms of distance and region, but I will definitely miss most of my current co-workers. I was also able to catch up pretty fast and already wrote my first huge article for the paper and I’m really proud of it. In case you don’t know what the hell I’m even doing, I’m working in journalism and the first story for a new job is always special to me. People at work really liked it and it meant a lot to me.

So, my January included being super sick, starting a new job and not to forget, having grandma live with us for two weeks for health reasons. I love my family and all but that didn’t make adjusting to the new situation much easier. But the month is over and I’m looking forward to February, aka my birthday month. It’s supposed to get a little warmer as well and I’m so ready for spring, although I doubt that winter is over. For my taste, we definitely had enough snow but knowing from the past, it probably wasn’t the last of it.

I really hope that this month, I will fully adjust to everything and find a new rhythm. Getting up at 6 am will never be my thing though. And 10+ hour-days will always be exhausting, but I knew what I was getting myself into. I just have to find a way to get a few things done during the week, like blogging, tweeting, catching up with people etc. but currently, I can’t do more than get up, work, eat, sleep. Welcome to adult life.

Tons of love,
Hailey Cartoon Me

(One of my lovely new co-workers made this for me and I find it adorable.)

Lovely life
 starting a new planner   spending time with my mom  new episodes from awesome shows  blogger love  one line a day – book  Princess Eleanor and Jasper Frost  finally a new night lamp  IKEA hot dogs  game shows  Demi Moore in G.I. Jane  ordering in  when antibiotics kick in  The Obama’s  watching old childhood TV shows  Die Kinder vom Süderhof  women marching everywhere for equality  chatting with my lovies  my girls at work  old gameshows  registering as stem cell donator  a good breakfast  I’m a Celeb  freckles  when you get into bed after a long day  ordering food weekends  writing my first big story for my new job  when people just like me for me  songs that touch my heart  grocery shopping dates  fresh sheets  sunshine  cookies  good news new and fun hangout places 

 Songs I love
♪  James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go
♪  Zayn & Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
♪  Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill

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