Goodbye February 2017

Goodbye February,

and hello March, wonderful month of spring. Although from looking outside the window, I’m not really seeing it yet. Yesterday, we even had snow again and I won’t fully believe in spring until May. I definitely wouldn’t mind living in a warmer country. But enough about the weather, I want to talk about how February went.

Good. Yes, you read that right. For once, I’m declaring a past month as good. What the hell is wrong with me you ask? Well, I guess I’m kinda getting my life together and it was about damn time. I feel like I got used to working 9-5, although I will never be a major fan. Maybe it’s also because in the middle of the month, I switched locations and now I’m were I wanted to be, in the first place. I have a lot less commute and just in general a lot less stress. I also have my own office, which I definitely like. I can hear loud music, I don’t annoy anyone with my coughing etc. and I have my own wall I can decorate. I know, priorities, right? I get along with everyone and so far, I’ve done a good job. Go me! It just really makes you feel good about yourself when you start a new job and feel how it’s getting better and better. And I get to write about Germany’s Next Topmodel every week, which I think is pretty cool.

Anyway, February was definitely a busy month. There was not a day where I didn’t do anything. What the hell has my life become? Yup, as hard as I try, I’m not super lazy anymore. I leave the house a lot more and pretty much hung out with friends every weekend, and although I sometimes miss just doing nothing all day long, it’s better to be active. I can’t believe this is coming from me – Queen of laziness. But I guess a daily routine does work wonders.

Some of my highlights included the yearly fashion show for bridal and evening gowns that I always enjoy doing. Can’t believe it’s been nine years. Looking at the pictures though, I can totally see some major changes. I’m getting old. Speaking of, I turned 29 and the day itself was just not good, at all. But what can you expect from a Monday? I celebrated with some friends the weekend after and we had a fun brunch. And then a friend did the same, a week after. A few years ago, we would’ve thrown crazy parties and now it’s brunch at 10 am on a Sunday, where everyone is speaking about kids, houses, weddings etc. Except for me, of course, since I have nothing really to contribute to that. I always call it the housewife-channel because it’s exactly what it is.

I also went to the movies, photographed a wedding and did lots of tanning at the salon. You wouldn’t believe the craziness of my freckles. But I only go once a week and it just feels good. I think those were pretty much the highlights. Sure, nothing over the top but still a nice month. And I got lots of cute presents so that’s always super nice. I also requested some vacation days for April and I hope that I can visit one of my au pair besties in Denmark. Should that not work out, I’ll aim for London and maybe meet with some blogger friends. Either way, I’m making sure I’ll go somewhere because I really miss travelling and I need new pictures for Instagram.

So, my February was good and I hope that March will be, as well. Or just the whole year for that matter. I’m looking forward to exciting things and I actually feel ready for them to happen. I could just use a little more sunshine to go with everything and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Hope you all have a great month, beautiful people.

Tons of love,


Lovely life
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