Goodbye March 2017

Goodbye March,

and welcome April. I thought about starting with a stupid April Fool’s joke, but I’m not a real fan and I mean let’s be honest. Who the hell would believe me if I said that I met the love of my life?! Nobody! :D I hope that none of you got majorly pranked because some things are just not as funny as people think they are.

At this point, I always share how my month went but honestly, I don’t really have much to say. I work, eat, sleep and that’s about it. I didn’t go out much and most weekends were just super boring. At least, that gave me some chill-time, which is always good. I also have a cold for like the third time this year and I’m just so sick of it. I mean, how crap can my immune system be?! But before I get all negative, I’ll tell you that one of my greatest friends in the world asked me to be her maid of honor and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It truly means the world when people actually love and trust you that much.

I’m definitely looking forward to April  because I’ve got some fun things planned. In a week from now, I’m actually flying to Copenhagen and I can’t even tell you how excited I am. A great friend of mine is living there and I’m sure we’ll have a blast. I just need to get out of here and have fun because it’s sooo overdue and I also need new pictures for my Instagram feed. I didn’t buy a brand new camera for nothing.

It’s also gonna be Easter and I hope I get to see my friends and I’ll definitely see my family. Holiday’s are pretty stressful but in the end, I would miss them if I didn’t spend it with my loved ones. I hope the weather will be as nice as it currently is. Way to go March-weather! And not to forget all the food that is served on special days and little presents and hopefully fun.

Man, I’m trying really hard to come up with things to share with you. Ummm, did everyone watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie? I sure did and thought it was sooo beautiful. The visuals were incredible and I’ve always been a fan of Emma Watson. Unfortunately, I had to watch it in German and the whole synchronization is just terrible. The songs weren’t even close to matching the mouth but I’m sure I’ll love the movie even more, once I watch it in English. I also watched lots of TV shows so I’m honestly caught up on all of them. I mean, The Kardashians and The Originals are back on air so YAY! And in case you’ve been living behind a rock, this month Pretty Little Liars will be back so double-YAY! Yes, I sound like a sad and lonely person but TV shows just give me life. I’m obsessed like that and I also live the most boring life ever.

Anyway, every new month brings new chances and new memories and I hope April will bring great ones. At least I’ve got plans, so that’s a good start and a little break from work will probably be quite nice, as well. So everyone, enjoy spring and easter and just life in general.

Tons of love,

cherry blossoms

Lovely life
listening to 90s music all day, everyday free tickets that excitement after booking a trip being able to afford things again  my new camera lazy days International Women’s Day having super nice co-workers that funny BBC interview  breakfast in bed  KUWTK is back  gorgeous weather  Liv and Maddie  The Beauty and the Beast   ice cream  travel plans  sunshine making progress on Instagram  chill-night with friends  Chinese food  when your phone plan covers all of Europe  when you get asked to be a maid of honor beautiful skies cherry blossom trees  spring  fun at work  tea  driving when the weather is good  freshly dyed hair 

Songs I love
♪  Paula Abdul – Rush Rush
MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This
♪  Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way
(Yes, this month, I pretty much only listened to 90s music, everyday.)

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