The 90s Tag

I thought it was  about time to do another tag post. Some Bloggers love them, some hate them, but  I don’t mind answering a few questions about myself. That’s the kind of person I am, haha. It’s been quite a while since I found this super fun tag on Underland to Wonderland blog and since I will be forever obsessed with the 90s, I had to save it for later.

I also asked my Twitter followers if they want to be tagged and answer these questions, as well. Therefore, I tag Single Girl VegasEleanor May, Ramblings of Another Uni Graduate and Thoughts From Jasmine and I’m looking forward to their answers.

The 90s Tag

1. Favorite Disney Film?
Pocahontas. Although I have to admit that it’s not my absolute number one Disney movies from the 90s, it’s the one I loved most when I was actually in the 90s. When Pocahontas came out, I was living in America and the States were just so much more crazy about Disney than Germany ever will be. Pocahontas is still an absolute goddess to me and the soundtrack was the first CD I ever bought. I will forever love listening to it. I had a sweatshirt, pillow, backpack, binder, Barbie, game, stickers, cards and even a barking Percy stuffed animal which I still have today.

2. Favorite Music Artist?
Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls. I could never choose between these two fabulous bands. The Spice Girls were just amazing and did a lot for Girl Power. They were talented, wild and not afraid of anything. I still freak out whenever their songs come on and I will never get enough of watching Spice World. And what can I say about the Backstreet Boys. Nick Carter was my ultimate 90s crush and I still have a pillow with his face on it. (It’s actually my third one cause I can’t sleep without it.) I will forever love their music and I was so happy when I got to see them in 2014 because they still got it goin’ on. From both bands, I had tons of merchandize and their CD’s were some of my first ones to buy. And as the true 90s kid (and hoarder) I am, I still have most of it.

3. Favorite Sweets?
I spent some years of my childhood in the US and boy was the candy over there so much better. Except for the chocolate, of course. Does anyone remember Dunkaroos? How can they not make them anymore?! Kangaroo crackers and some kind of funfetti spread should never go out of style. Also sharks or fruit roll ups were very high on my list.

4. Favorite Game? (Board game / school game)
Definitely Dream Phone or Candyland. And I also had some kind of Pocahontas board game, which I loved to play, as well. Dream Phone was just so cool. The ultimate game to find out who your crush is? I’m sure everyone who played still knows exactly how their favorite guy looked like. I still want to re-buy it but it’s pretty expensive on Ebay and I don’t want one where some parts are missing. That reminds me, I need to check the offers. And Candyland was just always a really cute game. I bought a newer version two years ago and it’s still fun. A little less exciting but still fun and great to play with kids. I also remember my brother and me playing a card game called Speed but I don’t exactly know how to play it, anymore. I may have to google that.


5. Favorite McDonalds ‘Happy Meal’ Toy?
Definitely Power Rangers. I’m forever sad that I don’t have these things, anymore. The yellow and pink megazord parts with the rangers were awesome and also the belt buckles and just all of it. And yes, they are waiting on my Ebay list. However, what I do still have is a 101 Dalmatians collection which is super cute. Did I mention that I’m a hoarder?

6. Favorite Book?
The Babysitters Club books were pretty cute and I just read one of them, last year. Yup, I’m a proper adult. I have some others that I still have and they were my first English books. I can’t remember having a ton of books though, probably because I couldn’t properly read in English yet, when we were living in the States and I went to a German school. I definitely loved Pipi Longstocking and some other books that are considered classics in Germany. But the BSC was just really cool. Today, I have like half a library in my room so my love for books definitely increased a lot.

7. Favorite Clothing Store?
I wasn’t really at an age where I could just go to the mall by myself and buy fancy clothes. I did love going to the mall with my parents though, but I can’t remember having a favorite store. We definitely loved Wal-Mart because it was just such a cool store and another store called PX, which was located on the Army base, so I don’t know if everyone knows it. Those are actually the only stores I really can remember that also had clothes. The shopping madness started more in the 00’s.

8. Favorite TV Show?
This is by far the hardest question you could ever ask me about the 90s. Let’s be real, TV back then was just so much better and whenever there is some 90s show on TV, I watch it. Some of them have luckily been released on DVD and of course I bought some of them. YouTube is also a great source and of course your memories. I loved Clarissa, Ocean Girl, Rugrats, Power Rangers, Barney and many, many more. If you really want to go down memory lane, check out my post with 30 TV shows from the 90s and another one with 30 more. That will give you good insight into which shows I loved. I’d say most of them.

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?
Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly at what time these shows were running. However, I do remember that in Germany, I often watched Sailor Moon because it was on at like 2 or 3 PM.


10. What Was Your Favorite 90s Game Show?
I have know idea because I can’t really remember watching them as a child. Or maybe I’m just confused. Not sure if Wheel of Fortune was a 90s show but I definitely liked that. I’m pretty sure I’m more into them now as I was as a kid, though.

11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet? (Cyberpet, Tamagotchi etc)
Yes, I had a Tamagotchi and I’m sure my grandma bought it for me. She always bought me everything. If I remember correctly, some kids from my class had them and were playing with it some afternoon. I mean, I couldn’t just not have one, so of course I did what every normal human being would and should do. BUY ONE FAST! I still have a fake one that works but I get bored pretty quickly. I’m tempted to buy an original, though. I don’t think anyone at work would mind.

12. Favorite Video Game and System To Play On?
My Gameboy was amazing. It was huge and grey and simply awesome. Some of my favorite games were definitely Yogi Bear, Pacman, Tetris, Super Mario and of course, as you can imagine, I still have most of them and occasionally play. I’m just truly stuck in the 90s. Times were just so much more fun and I would give a lot for being a kid again. My childhood was pretty damn cool.

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?
The thing is, a few years later, you’ll find everything weird from a certain time. I would much rather wear my 90s stuff than my 00’s things, though. Fashion just changes so much and if I know one thing for sure, it all comes back at some point. I wore lots of bike shorts and neon colors. I even matched with my brother and always wore socks in sandals. Thanks, mom. But what will forever be stuck in my head were those Adidas button up pants, where everyone had fun with pranking each other. Yes, the ones the Kardashians are bringing back. If you’re younger and thought Kim K was the inventor of this amazingness, forget about it. Also, Buffalo platform shoes. Spice Girls style forever!

Skipper BArbie

14. Favorite Toy?
I was obsessed with my Barbie‘s. I had a big house, a few cars, horses and a ton of clothes. When my mom took me to the store to reward me for doing good in school or something, I always chose Barbie. It was usually the aisle I spent the most time in at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us. Being a true girly-girl, I also enjoyed Polly Pocket, Doodle Bear, Baby Tumbles, Barbie, Barbie and Barbie.

15. Favorite Nickelodeon Show?
Again, how could I ever choose? I absolutely loved Clarissa Explains It All and I still do. She was so cool and I still think she’s a great role-model. Rugrats or Doug were some of my favorites, as well.

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  1. Glad I am not the only hoarder…every Babysitter book and boy did I love the specials! !


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  3. Honey says:

    Oh I really love tags :D
    I don’t know if I would be too young to do this one (1995 kid over here), but I do have most things in common with you :) Also Barbies ♥

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


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