Another 30 TV shows that made my childhood awesome!

About three months ago, I published an article called “30 TV shows that made my childhood awesome” and for me and many readers, it was really fun to be thrown back into the 90s. There are a lot of shows that some of us forgot about and therefore, I picked 30 more tv shows that made my childhood awesome and I bet, yours too.

90s TV shows

31. Charmed
A true 90s girl was a fan of witches and the Halliwell sisters kicked ass. Phoebe was my favorite!

32. I Dream of Jeannie
I know, technically this is definitely not a 90s show, but that’s when I watched it. A few years ago, I even dressed myself in a costume like Jeannie and I absolutely loved it. She was so sweet, pretty and witty. She did not behave like a classic Dschinn and turned her master’s life upside-down.

33. Care Bears
Awwwww – these little, furry friends are just adorable and they use their powers for something good. I especially love the movie and the other animals that have powers, as well. And I have to say, Beastly was a great character. My favorites are Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear and Baby Hugs & Tugs.

34. Ren & Stimpy
One of these shows I didn’t quite get. Pretty sick characters, and strange content but I watched it from time to time. I didn’t watch Beavis and Butthead, though. Those two were just too much to handle.

35. Boy Meets World
As long as Corey and Topanga ended up being together forever, everything was good. A great show every teenager can relate to. I’m curious how Girls Meets World will turn out.

36. Looney Tunes / Tiny Toons
Oh, how I loved all of them. Bugs, Lola, Daffy, Taz, Tweety and the rest. I still have stuffed animals. I didn’t love them as much as I loved Disney but still, I was a big fan and still am. And I don’t have to tell you that Space Jam is one of my favorite movies.

37. 7th Heaven
Who would have guessed that Mary Camden would end up marrying Justin Timberlake? It’s one of these shows that always has an important message which is something I miss a little in todays shows. And let me just say that for the daughter of a reverend, Lucy dated and made out with like a million guys but definitely married the cutest. She was always my favorite character because she was a lot like me. Completely crazy but with a biiig heart!

38. Party of Five
This was about family and about having to grow up, really fast. 5 children and no parents creates a pretty sad undertone. This show also presents Neve Campbell in something other than SCREAM.

39. Home Improvement
First of all, every teenage girl was absolutely in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Second of all, ever teenage boy was in love with Tim’s female assistants, including Pamela Anderson. And can someone tell me why we never got to see Al?

40. Baywatch
Sunshine. Beach. Ocean. Pamela Anderson. Enough said! I still have my Baywatch Barbie dolls.

41. Nightrider
I chose to list it because my brother used to watch this show, all the time. I was not a huge fan but I am sure that many, many were and still are. A talking car just wins over, everyone.

42. The Nanny
Who wouldn’t want to have Fran Fine as their nanny? I mean she is loud, tacky, crazy but you just have to love her. I still watch re-runs, today because it will always be funny to watch Maxwell and Fran pretend not to have feelings for each other. To watch Niles and Cici toss the jokes and at some point fall in love. I still find it hard to watch the end of the last episode, where Fran is standing inside the empty house and thinks about all the things that happened during her years living there.

43. Roseanne
The Conners were loud, crazy and also pretty normal. A working-class family facing all kinds of problems the world has to offer. Money problems, growing children with a lot of different issues, health, relationships and everything else. Once you’ve gotten used to them, you just have to love the whole family.

44. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Young Will Smith and his colorful outfits, his Philly attitude and great sense of humor. Bel Air just felt so totally wrong for him, but he managed to find his way and place. I loved Carlton’s dancing, Hilary and her missing brain, the moment when Ashley is all grown up and pretty hot, and of course Geoffrey the butler. A funny butler is always great for a show. And don’t we all know all the words to the song? “Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside-down…”

45. Tom & Jerry
I used to watch this show a lot, but believe me when I say that one episode per day is enough. My brother bought the dvd box and I started to re-watch the episodes. It’s always the same and they don’t even talk. It get’s totally annoying after a few episodes.

46. Friends
This is absolutely one of the best shows ever made. I have all seasons on dvd and no matter how many times I watch all those episodes, they crack me up, every time. Great characters, great jokes, great everything. How could they ever stop after 10 seasons??? But at least, it ended with Ross and Rachel being together because, let’s be honest, it’s the only thing that mattered.

47. Teletubbies
I might have been a little old when the show aired, but I never cared about anything concerning age. That baby in the sun was one of the cutest I have ever seen. Their house and the surrounding looked pretty cool and they were so bright and colorful. Of course, Laa-Laa was my favorite and until today, I still want a Teletubbie doll.

48. Rocko’s Moder Life
It was one of these shows that was pretty disgusting but as a kid, I watched it, anyway. And in case you wonder what kind of animal Rocko actually is, according to wikipedia, he is “an anthropomorphic, Australian-immigrant wallaby”.

49. Animaniacs
When you love the Looney Tunes, you gotta love the Animaniacs, as well. Cute little animated creatures with a ton of crazy ideas in their heads. And Dot is just adorable. The show was pretty funny and showed a lot of different elements. And I always found it fascinating, when characters like these lived among humans. Doesn’t make sense but who cares.

50. Step by Step
Patchwork-families are often pretty difficult to handle, especially when they are as different as the Foster’s and Lambert’s. And what made it even worse? They had to share rooms. I always loved their typical American kitchen. It was a little old school, but it just screamed family. It was nice to watch all the characters develop into liking each other.

51. The Cosby Show
I know the show was mostly shown in the 80s, but like most of television shows, they get broadcasted over and over again. The Huxtables were likable and had to deal with normal problems. Rudy was the coolest and of course Cliff, played by the amazing Bill Cosby, was always good at making people laugh.

52. Recess
A show created by Disney has to be a show I like. And until today, I like animated shows and movies. What I liked most about it is the fact that the main clique consists of completely different characters and that they plan everything together. School life is depicted in a positive way and not shown as the typical group gathering where the jocks don’t talk to nerds and so on. They deal with normal school problems and always find a solution to save themselves from Randall and Miss Finster. I always liked Spinelly because she was pretty tough. And the four Ashleys kinda remind me of the plastics. Such a typical girly clique.

53. Peanuts
I just googled the show again and found out that the Peanuts was not an actual TV show but in my memory it was. I watched them many times and they were adorable. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Marcie, Peppermint Patty and of course, Linus and his blanket. I’d love to re-watch the TV-specials.

54. MTV Cribs
This show inspired me so many times. Celebrities showed their cribs and it’s amazing to see what you can do when you have a lot of money. I remember the huuuge bed in Shaquille O’Neal’s house, Beyoncé and her cloud painted ceiling, and someone had this HUUUUUGE open living room which was all white and a huge palm tree was included. It looked absolutely incredible. To be honest, this show is responsible for my name “Hailey Jade Ryan”. I always dreamt of doing my own MTV Cribs one day and my name had to sound good when I say “Hi, I’m Hailey Jade Ryan, welcome to my crib!”

55. The Flinstones
YABBA DABBA DOOOOOO!!!! Imagine people really living like that in the Stone Age. How cool would that be? Cars with no engines, rocks instead of paper and dinosaurs used for all kinds of different things. But of course, they had television. Now THAT makes sense.

56. Goosebumps / Are you Afraid of the Dark
Two shows full of mystery. I thought they were pretty good and pretty scary. I loved the green mist coming from under the door that led to the basement. Was that actually in a trailer or was that part of an episode? It’s the first thing that comes to my mind. But until today, I would probably be too afraid to be part of something like “The Midnight Society.” I’m such a fraidy cat.

57. Aaaahhh!!! Real Monsters
I guess Nickelodeon had it going for tv shows with strange characters. Again, a little disgusting but it worked. Then again, I watched pretty much everything.

58. Legends of the Hidden Temple
The studio looked soooo cool and competition shows are always fun. So adventurous like an Indiana Jones movie.

59. The Magic School bus
I wish I would have been on a school bus like that. On thoes trips, you learn so much more and it is more exciting than to sit in class and listen to your teacher. And of course, in all political correctness, children of different ethnicities were included into the show.

60. Salute Your Shorts
Until today, I wish, I had spent a summer at camp. It always looks like so much fun on tv.

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