Goodbye April 2017

Goodbye April,

and hello beautiful month of May. Although it’s currently raining outside, I have high hopes for the future weather situation and I just think it’s a great month. I’m definitely looking forward to officially becoming a maid of an honor at one of my besties wedding and I’m also throwing her a bachelorette party, which hopefully will be a ton of fun. Aside from that, I don’t think I have any major plans yet, so I’ll just see what’s coming up or just chill as much as I can.

April was a super busy but also a super fun month. I got out of the house a lot and just enjoyed spending time with lovely people. I went to Denmark for a little vacation and I had a blast exploring Copehagen. I have a good friend living there and it was so fun seeing her again. The city is beautiful, I truly enjoyed my stay and I can’t wait to share more of my trip. My camera sure klicked a lot. I ate a lot of yummy food, went nuts at the Disney Store and just enjoyed life. Now, I caught the travel bug again and I would love to be in new places, all the time. Unfortunately, I need to buy a new car this year, which absolutely sucks, but we’ll see. Maybe I can manage to squeeze in a small trip to Amsterdam or something like that.

There was Easter and I had a good time with my family, ate a lot of food and still have chocolate to keep me covered for weeks. The nice thing about holiday’s is that usually everyone comes back home, so it’s always nice to get the whole clique together and spend some quality time with each other. Those times make me miss school days, even more. It’s so hard nowadays to get everyone together because we’re all busy with our lives and aside from me, everyone is in a relationship, has or is about to have a child, is building houses and all that other grown-up stuff, so it’s even harder for them to make time. Therefore, I cherish all our little get-togethers even more.

Another highlight in April was watching Disney’s Tarzan musical, because it was really great. Sure, not as great as The Lion King, because I doubt there will ever be a better one, but I enjoyed it a lot. It’s so cool how they managed to have everyone swing across the room, the music amazing and I can only recommend it. Another fun adventure was a trip to the amusement park and honestly, every single time I ask myself why the hell I’m doing that to me cause I’m totally getting too old for it. But hey, we’re going again this year and I can get on rides again that screw up my back and make me feel super scared. I’m crazy like that.

So those were the highlights of my month and I hope the year continues to be fun. I do also need some relax time though because I’m super stressed and tired all the time, and I feel like all I do is work, eat and sleep. I mean, I couldn’t survive without catching up on all of my beloved TV-shows. But in general, having plans is good for me cause it keeps me from falling into misery, which occasionally still happens, but I’m doing well and I hope it will continue.

Tons of love,

Beautiful sky

Lovely life
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  1. Lisa B says:

    Ah I loved this! It’s so positive! Wishing you a wonderful month of May, I look forward to your next update!
    Lisa x |

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