Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Song Contest

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Yesterday, it was that time of year again: The Eurovision Song Contest finale happened and brought to the stage Europe’s cheesiest acts. Music has always been super important to me and even though I end up rolling my eyes pretty much all the time, I just have to watch it, take notes and give out points. I must say that this year was a total snoozefest. Nothing really blew my mind and I was definitely missing the often mentioned diversity. However, I didn’t know any of the songs beforehand so I wasn’t biased at all. I’m also not one of these people who just support their own country because honestly, if it’s not good, it’s not good, and I’m all about the music.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t think there was much good on this year’s stage. I didn’t give 12 points to anyone on my spreadsheet but for once, my favorite act did win. I know that a lot of people were disappointed that Portugal won because it wasn’t a typical ESC performance. For me the music matters much more than a show and I think it was well deserved. I also loved Australia and the Netherlands because those three acts were the only ones that gave me goosebumps and were all talent and less show. But everyone has a different taste in music and it shouldn’t be anything to fight over.

So here is my opinion on each contestant. I love music and I’m always super critical so don’t hate me if I didn’t like your favorite. We just all listen to different music and I’d love to know who was your favorite.

01. Israel: Imri Ziv – I Feel Alive
He looked like a typical guy you run into at he gym – another reason not to go. Since I was a huge fan of Israel last year, I could only end up being disappointed. He managed to hit the high notes pretty well but I just felt absolutely nothing. And his pants looked weird.

02. Poland: Kasia Moś – Flashlight
I will never be a fan of these dresses that make your boobs scream for help cause they’re suffocating. The song wasn’t really good, all she did was press out the notes and she didn’t really show feelings or emotions.

03. Belarus: Naviband – Story Of My Life
I thought they looked really amazing in their folk outfits and the female singer was so incredibly beautiful. It definitely wasn’t my kind of music but I liked that they sang in their own language. I wasn’t feeling that smooch at the end of the song though.

04. Austria: Nathan Trent – Running On Air
I’m usually a fan of the quieter acts but the show was so incredibly cheesy. I wasn’t feeling  the guy at all but the song was kinda cute. From his performance, I guess he watched too much of the Dreamworks opening credits.

05. Armenia: Artsvik – Fly With Me
I really liked the oriental parts of the song but I really didn’t feel any emotions and her voice just wasn’t my thing. Also, the outfits were completely underwhelming and they really should’ve put together a better dance performance, as well.

06. Netherlands: O’G3NE – Lights And Shadows
Finally an act that gave me goosebumps. Beautiful women with amazing voices sang great harmonies. There were real feelings and emotions on that stage and the fact that they ended the show with tears in their eyes show that it came from deed inside.

07. Moldowa: SunStroke Project – Hey Mamma!
Yeah, it was kinda cool and somehow reminded me of Men In Black. It was fun, had a good beat, the running man is always a good idea but I wasn’t really convinced that they actually played the saxophone and violin. And halfway through the song, I was a bit over the whole “Hey Mamma ” part.

08. Hungary: Joci Pápai – Origo
It was definitely a more unique performance than most others and even though I couldn’t understand a word, I actually felt it. I thought it was a really good mix of everything: good female dancer, great outfits, cool rap, and he definitely knew how to convey emotions.

09. Italy: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma
I can’t believe that he’s actually super popular and lots of people loved him. I didn’t like his voice at all and his performance looked like a school show in 4th grade. Was that supposed to be dancing? And don’t even get me started on the gorilla.

10. Denmark: Anja Nissen  – Where I Am
A beautiful woman with a great voice and a good song but nothing that made me freak out. I really didn’t think it was special enough and just some typical ESC-pop.

11. Portugal: Salvador Sobral – Amor Pelos Dois
When the song started, I thought it was a song from a Disney movie and it gave me goosebumps cause it was so beautiful. A good voice, a unique way of singing and it went so good with the piano and violin. There were so many emotions on that stage. It was pure, intimate, quiet and so nontypical for ESC – probably why I liked it the most. It sounded like a beautiful lullaby and I didn’t have to understand a word to feel them.

12. Azerbaijan: Dihaj – Skeletons
I loved the song title but the song not so much. The performance was great – very unique and artsy but all the drama was just so much more than the song itself.

13. Croatia: Jacques Houdek – My Friend
He was pretty much singing a duet with himself but I only liked his opera voice, the other one not so much. The song had some great instrumental parts but the rest wasn’t much for me. The stage looked like the Wizard of Oz went all ESC – sooo cheesy.

14. Australia: Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy
I still can’t believe that Australia is a part of this. It takes me 24 hours to get there – so not Europe! But anyway, they had a really great act and it was one of my favorites. Even though he’s only 17, he has a voice that sounds like he has a story to tell. Such pure talent! It was real and didn’t need an over the top show.

15. Greece: Demy – This is Love
Same old, same old. Beautiful woman, upbeat song, good voice but nothing special or touching. At least there were some half-naked dancers.

16. Spain: Manel Navarro – Do It For Your Lover
I liked the parts where he sang in Spanish but the English chorus was just the worst. I wasn’t feeling surfer vibe at all and the whole thing was more like an average school band at prom.

17. Norway: Jowst – Grab The Moment
Well, it wasn’t terrible. The visuals were cool but the outfits irritated me a bit cause it didn’t really match with everything. I think in general, I just didn’t find it all to be very harmonic. Hard to describe – kinda good but also kinda not feeling it.

18. Great Britain: Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You
I really liked the whole golden vibe and she really has a great voice, sang very clear notes and it’s a good song. But that’s the only word I can think of – good. Not more or less. It was a good standard ESC performance.

19. Cyprus: Hovig Demirjian – Gravity
Well, I guess someone was trying to be Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. There was nothing special about it and I did not feel entertained cause he was definitely trying too hard. And men in ankle-showing pants are just a no for me.

20. Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!
He was ok but her yodeling was just super annoying, so was her voice. Sure, at least it was unique but it really just gave me a headache.

21. Germany: Levina – Perfect Life
David Guetta called, he wants his song back. This was for my country but oh boy, what a mess. I just think she wasn’t talented enough to have such a weak stage performance. I don’t know how she sang the song before the grand finale but she sounded like she had a cold and lost her voice a bit. And with only a total of 6 points, I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t feel it.

22. Ukraine: O. Torvald – Time
Honestly, I didn’t really pay much attention cause I was busy doing something else. That’s how good it was. I mean, they were definitely not bad if you’re into hard rock and it was kinda cool but far from being my favorite. I was not a fan of his voice. But one rock act has to be in the mix every year.

23. Belgium: Blanche – City Lights
Honestly, she has such a cool voice but it was totally wasted on this electropop song. And it was the most boring performance ever.

24. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On
He totally thought he’s the bomb working that treadmill. His voice is so average. Sure, his face wasn’t bad but that’s about it. I was so not impressed.

25. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess
His high notes were tough but I liked the feeling he put into the song. His lower notes were really good and he had a cool performance. I always like it when contestants do something different from the usual ESC stuff.

26. France: Alma – Requiem
And of course the show ended with a beautiful woman with a nice voice and all, but overall pretty boring. I wish more contestants would actually be brave. The visuals were cool though. However, I wasn’t really a fan of the voice or the song.

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