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This month, I went on a trip to Copenhagen and had a fabulous time. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because I have a friend living there and I’m glad that I finally made it. I think the city is beautiful with a lot of fun things to do. It’s not too big so you can do most things by foot but still big enough to make me realize how badly I need to move to a city. The country side just isn’t for me. I also love how everyone speaks perfect English and even most menus are translated. I have to say though that I actually understood more Danish than expected. I’m such a genius.

I’m definitely glad that I bought myself a new camera before I went because I managed to take some beautiful photos, which of course, I will share with you on my blog. But first, I will tell you what I’ve been up to and what I consider worth doing in Copenhagen and a photography post will follow, as well. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me or if you’ve experienced something lovely in this city, leave me a comment and I will add it to my list for next time.

I’m pretty sure that a picture of the Nyhavn area is on the front of every travel guide about Copenhagen because it’s simply gorgeous. When the sun is out, you can just sit by the canal, have something to eat or a drink, listen to musicians playing all kinds of music and simply just enjoy life. All those colorful houses are so beautiful and definitely Instagram-worthy. I recommend to go on one of the boat cruises offered because you really see a lot in an hour. It takes you in different directions and through different parts of the city. You pass the futuristic opera house, the cute little mermaid statue, it takes you through the Freetown Christiania with its beautiful gold and black church top and more. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to do some exploring, especially if you’re only on a rather short visit. And in case you need to use the bathroom, the public restroom  by the canal is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

Nyhavn Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid
I admit that there are definitely more interesting things to see in Copenhagen, bust I would say it’s just a must. She’s a true icon, based on the fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, and has been a major tourist attraction since 1913. So, even though we saw the statue during our boat cruise, I insisted on walking there as well to see her up close. She’s truly not big but so adorable and very popular. She may be a little hard to find at first, but just follow the crowds and eventually you’ll find her. On your way there, depending on where you decide to walk, you pass a lovely fountain, walk through a little park where everything is beautifully in bloom in April (probably also other months), or you can just walk by the water and take in the ocean breeze.

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen

An amusement park in the middle of the city sounds fun, right? It definitely is and always beautifully decorated according to the season. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit expensive because you pay an entrance fee and for each ride. Sure, you can buy an all-in-one ticket but unless you want to spend many hours there, it’s not really worth it. I wanted to see it anyway and at least we rode the roller-coaster, which was short but fun. Just stroll around, watch the ducks, eat lots of junk food and simply enjoy. When you had enough, go and watch a movie in the theatre nearby. It’s very colorful and you definitely can’t miss it. I went and watched The Beauty and the Beast again because unlike Germany,  Denmark they don’t translate every single movie and I really wanted to watch it again in English.

Tivoli Copenhagen

Honestly, it’s something you should always do, no matter what city you visit. It doesn’t have to be expensive but just eat whatever catches your eye. In Copenhagen, I loved the hot dog carts everywhere cause I’m cheap like that and I can never say no to a good hotdog. If you’re looking for something sweet, make sure to stop by at Rajissimo. We went to the one located in Nyhavn and I had some incredibly delicious churros with chocolate. They also serve ice cream and waffles, and trust me, the place was packed for a reason. I also loved all the food options at Tivoli and decided to have a bagel. I know, it sounds super boring but it isn’t. You were able to just choose what goes between halves like you do at Subway. Cream cheese, pasta chicken salad, feta and more good stuff were sooo good. And don’t forget to get some cotton candy afterward. You’re never too old for it. If you’re looking for a good burger to eat, stop by at Cocks & Cows. My friend works there and I had a delicious dinner. They were awarded best burger in town for the past four years so it’s definitely worth a try. My absolute favorite was some good Pad Thai from WooWok. Where I live, I can’t get it anywhere close, but whenever I’m in a bigger city, I try to find some good Thai food. This was super yum and the people working there were incredibly nice. Just indulge and forget about weight or anything. You’re on vacation so please eat as much as you can.

food copenhagen

When I’m on vacation nowadays, my main focus is definitely not on shopping but I do hop into stores that I don’t have in my own country. Copenhagen has a big shopping mile with lots and lots of different stores, places to eat and there is just a lot going on. Of course I had my eyes on the Disney Store because I’m obsessed and it’s been too long since I was able to step into one. I sure went a little nuts in there. There is also a small Victoria’s Secret, a Lego Store, many clothing stores, places to buy cute souvenirs and more. I definitely managed to spend a lot of money in like an hour or two. And when you’re done with all the shopping, grab a drink at Starbucks or have a burger at the Hard Rock Cafe and definitely check out the place around city hall and take some pictures. It’s at the end or beginning, depending from which direction you’re coming from, of the main shopping street.

shopping copenhagen

This beautiful castle comes with a pretty garden and a lovely park. You can actually tour the inside but we did not feel like getting in line for tickets but I’m putting it on my list for next time. This is also the place where the guards start their daily march to Amalienborg, which I also didn’t see. Man, my planning was definitely terrible for this trip but I still saw some pretty places. I’m sure the garden is gorgeous, once everything is in bloom, especially the roses, and I loved the stroll through the park. There is a huge statue of Hans Christian Andersen and beautiful cherry blossom trees in the spring. And make sure to have a close look at the trees lining the walkway. They’re all the same and I think it’s insane cause they’re really high and I bet it’s interesting to see them get cut.

Rosenborg Copenhagen

This place is where the Danish royals live when they’re in town. You can tell by the royal flag on the roof if they’re home or not. It consists of four buildings which are exactly the same, placed kinda in a circle. There are guards watching the doors and trust me, don’t get to close or lean against the building walls because damn, I heard them shouting at tourists and they’re not messing around. When you stand in the middle of the courtyard, you can see the Marble Church to the one side and the opera to the other and the alignment of axis is also called the axis of power by some people. The architecture is really beautiful and next time, I really want to witness the change of guards here.


Even though I’m not very religious I just love churches. They’re so beautiful and I can never resist to take a pretty picture. The Marble Church is just so incredibly beautiful and I wish, I could’ve seen it from the inside. Unfortunately it was closed due to a concert. We passed Our Saviors Church in Christianshavn by boat and the top is just incredible. The black and gold spiral staircase has 400 steps and no, we didn’t do it. I’m sure reaching the top would provide you with a great view though. I don’t even know all the names of churches I saw everywhere in Copenhagen but I felt like there were a lot so pay attention if you like churches like me.

church copenhagen

Just explore the city
Honestly, just walk around when you’re exploring a new place. I love to see buildings and parks and just new surroundings of any kind. I didn’t make it to any museums but I would totally love to visit the aquarium or planetarium next time. I visited the botanical garden which was nice but I guess it’s better when more plants are in bloom. My friend took me to the Bispebjerg Cemetary which is full of cherry blossom trees, which you should definitely check out when you’re visiting in spring. Just chill near the canals with a drink and food or you can even get into floating hot tubs if you’re into that. There are statues everywhere, interesting buildings and much more, so just grab your camera and explore.


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  1. Tina says:

    This looks amazing! I often see flights to here from Leeds, so I’m definitely planning on jumping on one as soon as I can. You’ve sold it to me more, and I’ll be referring to this when I go! It looks like such a pretty place to just walk around xx


    • Haha, you definitely should. It was wonderful and I had a fantastic stay. Btw, did I really not reply to this comment in APRIL??? I thought I did but I’ve also become a terrible blogger so it’s possible. I’m sorry. So, any plans yet to go to Copenhagen? xx


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