13 Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”

As many of you have probably done as well, I’ve already binge-watched “13 Reasons Why” and I was absolutely hooked, from the very first second. If you haven’t watched it yet, I must ask you what the hell you’ve been doing that was more important? Just kidding, sometimes there is just no time but I highly recommend that you start immediately and I will give you 13 reasons why you should, without spoiling anything major.

13 Reasons Why

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1. If you’re interested in things that actually matter, this show is for you. There is no sugar-coating of anything cruel happening in the life of people that often we don’t even know about. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture to make people wish they could live the life they see on screen. It’s the exact opposite. It’s relatable cause it’s real.

2. It shows what an impact being rude to others, talking behind their backs, gossiping etc. can have on a person. Bullying is such a major part in our society and the problem is that often, nobody helps until something really bad happens. There is no going back from doing the wrong thing and once you’ve hurt someone, it cannot be undone. I know very well how hurtful it is to be bullied for no apparent reason and it can lead you to very dark places. I feel so sorry for kids today because with all the social media options, it has to be so much worse than when I was a teenager. When I hear stories of young people who end their lives because they feel lonely and misunderstood, it breaks my heart because I know how they feel. Personally, I just decided that all these awful people were not worth destroying my life over, but it was never easy and it never will be. Eye-openers like this show need to be taken seriously because it happens all around.

3. The show clearly demonstrates what privilege can do to people. I’m not saying that all rich people are dicks, but let’s be honest, most of them live their life thinking they’re the greatest people on earth and that it gives them the right to treat others like dirt. It is not ok to walk over people because of money or skin color, sexual orientation or anything else. The problem is that our society seems to work just like that though and it can’t be shown enogh what this kind of behavior does to people. If you’re privileged, good for you, but instead of being a shitty person, how about doing something good with it.

4. High School is a mad house for pretty much every person on this planet. I always like watching shows with this kind of setting because that time of life is just so hard for most people and definitely not all sunshine and happiness. High school is rough. You have to deal with so many things at once and it can be very hard. I honestly don’t think it’s a fully healthy environment and it’s important for people to realize what kids have to go through. Growing up, dealing with school work and personal problems, figuring out your future, and everything else you go through in high school shapes your personality and it can develop into something positive of not. If you’ve always been the king or queen of high school, you may expect this to continue throughout your whole life but reality can often be a real bitch and completely destroy you. If you’ve always been bullied, you may have issues that will stick with you for the rest of your life. The person you are in school and how other treat you has a major influence on what kind of person you will be as an adult. Portraying real-life school happenings is important because I don’t think that parents or even teachers always fully grasp what goes on at a place, where basically kids are supposed to get their education, find some friends and hopefully have some fun. It’s just not that simple.

5. It is an eye-opener to rape culture – something that is often denied but is realer than ever. We’ve read about so many cases, over and over again, where it just breaks your heart how people who’ve been brutally mistreated are dealt with. It’s no surprise that victims, regardless if male or female, don’t come forward after being raped because our society still makes them feel like it’s their own fault. Don’t wear a skirt, don’t flirt, don’t do this or that. All these rules that are supposed to keep you from being attacked but were are the rules that tell people that it’s not ok to rape someone?! I don’t want to get into detail more because I’ve written posts on this before and I’m also pretty sure that most of my readers know what I’m talking about. It is important, even if it’s hard to watch, to portray these happenings as real as possible and in all kinds of different situations. Eyes have to be opened and crimes should not be swept under the table like nothing really happened.

6. The way the show is made is incredibly addictive. You just always want to know what will happen next and the whole concept is incredibly real and touching. I thought it had a Gone Girl kind of vibe and I don’t often watch psycho dramas or similar things cause I’ll end up having trouble sleeping. I even get a little scared when I watch too much Pretty Little Liars late at night but “13 Reasons Why” is just so much more real than a bunch of girls being haunted by A. It did scare me sometimes, but maybe it did because it just felt so real, like something that could happen where I live or at my old school. I couldn’t stop watching because I wanted to continue feeling what the characters feel, I wanted answers and I wanted to see justice.

7. The music was so great. It’s something I always pay attention to because especially shows often have the most incredible soundtracks. The music is beautifully melancholic and fits the story extremely well. In one of the key scenes, there is a song played called “The Night We Met” and it’s by Lord Horon. Do me a favor and just go and listen to this one song and I’m sure you will want to watch the show just because of it.

8. Diversity was a very strong factor for this show. The mostly young people were all of different ethnicity, had completely different family backgrounds, straight, gay, rich, poor, white, black, asian and I think that’s exactly how it should be. Look around and you will see so many different people and I think it should be like this on screen too. Diversity is something I support with all my heart and to see this diverse cast made me happy. We need more of this.

9. It’s highly emotional and I truly felt everything from happiness to crying my heart out and this roller coaster ride is exactly what makes a show great. I don’t want to feel the same thing, every time I watch an episode and I also want to be deeply touched. Usually this happens to me when a movie, show, song or book is actually about something real and important, as is “13 Reasons Why.”

10. It’s very graphic and I think it’s a good thing. I’m sure that lots of people understandably could have problems watching because there are lots of triggers throughout the show, so I do want you to be aware of that before you watch it. But I really think that it’s important to show things like they are. Violence, rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and more are all heart-breaking things and definitely hard to watch, but looking the other way is exactly what is wrong with this society and therefore, I applaude the writers, producers and everyone else who made decisions that they tried to portray everything as real as possible. None of this is nice to look at but to make it all seem less horrible than it actually is, is exactly the wrong way to go about the seriousness of these topics.

11. New actors are always interesting to watch. I often get so bore of seeing the same faces everywhere and some fresh talent is always a good idea. I thought the cast was put together very well and their acting was truly remarkable. A lot of the scenes were so intense that I can only imagine how hard it was to play them. Every single one of the actors made me believe everything they portrayed on screen and I just really liked the cast.

12. The combination of oldschool and modern was something I enjoyed very much because it reminds me of what I like. I thought it’s very unique that Hannah used actual tapes instead of some modern recording technique because in a way, it shows that these problems are timeless. It also underlines the seriousness of it all because using oldschool equipment shows much more work and effort. On the other hand, the show clearly shows what kind of power mobile phones, social media, apps etc. have today. One text can ruin a persons life but so can a hand-written list or a photograph, no matter it was taken with a phone or an actual camera. We should be aware that hurting other people is timeless.

13. Well, I can also just give you the quick basic reasons and I really hope you’ll give it a shot. It’s on Netflix, so super easy (please have Netflix!), it’s not too short and not too long, so a weekend will fully be enough time, it has good music, great actors and if you really love it, there is a book you can read ( why haven’t I read it yet?!) and it will just make you feel everything because it’s real.

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