Personality Test – You Are An Inventor

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers discovered a really simple personality test online and made everyone do it. To be honest, it looked pretty much like a website that gives your computer a virus or something and it was so simple and unprofessional that never in a million years I would have thought that the result would be so incredibly accurate.

Shadows MOMA New York

I was classified as an INVENTOR.

acts extroverted, thinks theoretical, interacts hard, lives spontaneously, emotionally resistant

Characteristics: adventurous, chaotic, direct, dominant, hardheaded, open for experiments, social, imaginative, outgoing, creative, critical, laid-back, confident, independent, unconstrained, unconventional, playful, bold

Inventors direct their energy outwards, toward other people and activities. You are open for new things and mental activities, you firmly  represent your interests in front of others, get distracted easily and are emotionally balanced.

Inventors are full of ideas, thoughts and plans, and they don’t hesitate to voice them or give them a try. Your curiosity is extremely strong. You can hardly resist possible rewards or interesting activities and you also let the daily temptations of life easily attract you. You constantly strive for action, excitement and that certain kick, you look for sociability and contact with other people, because those moments make you extremely happy. Also, you openly show your thoughts and feelings to others.

Your hobbies and interests are very versatile. While always being curious for new or extraordinary ideas and opinions, you like to give creative things a try, engage in intellectual games and philosophical thoughts, and you have a lively and rich imagination. You’re not afraid of complex or unconventional theories and things, instead, you are highly interested in the fantastic and unusual. Swimming against the current brings you joy and you don’t mind being a bit offensive.

When dealing with other people you are at ease, without inhibition, open and outgoing. You are able to vigorously represent and enforce your ideas and you don’t let the disapproval of others irritate you. Often, a result that you’re satisfied with, is more important to you than having good relationships with everyone. You’re good at dealing with stress and you hardly let negative emotions get to you. However, if it does happen, you recover quickly. In general, you are confident, relaxed and optimistic, most of the time.

At work, you’re not always completely precise and always like to do a thousand things, at once. In general, you need a lot of variety, you often jump from one thing to another and it’s difficult for you to completely focus on long-term goals because you constantly discover something new or adventurous. Therefore, it never gets boring with you and you’re great at spontaneously solving problems. Sometimes you rush into something head over heals, without giving it a lot of thought and are a bit insensitive toward your surrounding.

You are very willing to take high risks. Possible problems or dangers don’t really bother you. You don’t always act reasonable, instead you act according to what momentarily tickles your fancies and sounds promising. That’s why you engage in vague, bold and adventurous things, try lots of new things and you don’t always care what others think about it. One could call you a “visionary” because you have so many creative and innovative ideas and you’re not afraid to try them, even if you don’t always bring your plans to an end. There is hardly anything you’re not interested in and that you wouldn’t like to try. You’re clearly the prototype of inventors, explorers and adventurers.

Fictional characters: Jack Sparrow, Bugs Bunny, Don Quixote, Krusty the Clown, Dr. House

Famous people: Thomas Edison (inventor), Madonna (popstar), Alice Schwarzer (feminist), Oliver Pocher (entertainer), Sacha Baron Cohen (comedian), Bill Clinton (former US President), Robert Downey Jr. (actor), Joko Winterscheidt (host), Uri Geller (magician), Brad Pitt (actor), John Malkovich (actor), Jamie Lee Curtis (actress), Walt Disney (Disney-founder), Falco (popstar), John F. Kennedy (former US President), Benjamin Franklin (historic person), Leonardo da Vinci (artist)

So yeah, I can definitely see myself as this person. I’m always restless and have a million ideas in my head. I never saw myself doing the same thing every single day of my life and I get bored really easily. It can be annoying sometimes but in general, I think being interested in and open for a lot of different things is a good quality to have. I love adventures but even though I may not always show it, it’s not like I don’t get nervous or scared. I just try to push my fears aside and just do it. But you know what I was happy about most? Seeing Walt Disney on the list of famous people that go with all these characteristics. I mean, he’s one of my heroes for creating something so wonderful, that so many generations feel magical and perfectly entertained. I doubt that I can create something as fantastic as the world of Disney, but creativity is definitely inside of me and I try to always make the best of it.

I would say that I’m not always as optimistic as this test thought I was because I like to be on the realistic side of things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream. However, if it got one thing right: I really don’t give a damn about what other people think and I definitely come off as really strong, a lot. Just for the record, I am also very emotional, sensitive and I have a very big heart. I just don’t take shit from anyone. Oh, and I definitely wish I was a little more spontaneous and I do overthink a lot.

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  1. This is such a cool post, I love personality tests like this! xx


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