29 Things I Learned In 29 Years

What can I say, today is my birthday and I turned 29. So happy birthday to me! In the past, I’ve read a few of these posts from other bloggers and thought I’ll write one, as well. I didn’t want to wait until I turn 30 because I’m still debating if I’ll just stay 29 for next five years or not. Since my 20s haven’t exactly been super great, maybe 30 won’t be so bad but I still have one year to go and I’m curious to see what it has in store for me. Of course over the years, I’ve learned a lot about life and about myself and some of the things I want to share with you.


01. I don’t need a man to be happy. If it goes well, it’s just a bonus.
02. Never be too sure about the things you think you want.
03. Sleep is so much more important than parties.
04. Losing friends will always hurt but it get’s easier to let go.
05. Always being myself was the best decision I ever made.
06. Haters are always gonna hate.
07. Actual pants are totally overrated. Leggings for life!
08. Have an open mind so you can see all the beauty in this world.
09. I can actually live pretty good without 259 full closets.
10. You’re never too old to feel young. Always keep a piece of childhood in you.
11. No matter how much you hate school when you’re young, education is good and important.
12. People won’t die when they see me without make-up.
13. Cake is always a good idea.
14. Eventually you will find people who will love you just they way you are.
15. I will just never ever be a morning person.
16. No matter how rocky the road is, giving up is never an option.
17. It’s ok if you don’t want to get married or have children.
18. Fighting for something you believe in is worth it.
19. Don’t give a damn about your bad reputation and just live your life.
20. Adulting is annoying and expensive.
21. I don’t always have to put others first to be a good person.
22. A broken heart can heal. It will leave scars but it will hurt a little less, everyday.
23. Speaking your mind can get you into trouble but it sure feels good.
24. Everything feels better with good music.
25. It’s ok to move back in with your parents when you need to, no matter how old you are.
26. My bed will forever be my happy place.
27. Never take the wonderful people and things in your life for granted.
28. Mom was right about lots of things.
29. Life is a bittersweet symphony.

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2 Responses to 29 Things I Learned In 29 Years

  1. Honey says:

    Stay 29 for as long as you can/want/need to :D :D
    I don’t agree with every single thing, but in general this is so true! I always love reading these :)


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