What I Love About The Seasons

The seasons

Whenever somebody asks me what my favorite season is, I never have an answer because there are things I truly love about each of them. Spring, summer, fall and winter are all so different and yet, they all combine the feeling of a new beginning. I find it fascinating how just everything changes and looks different all of a sudden. I feel like every season has music that matches, the weather always changes, you have different wardrobes and even the TV program adjusts.

So I thought about all the things I love about each of them and also tried to figure out which one is my favorite. I just don’t know if I can do it. But if I really, really had to, I would probably pick fall because I can wear the clothes I’m most comfortable in, it has the most beautiful colors and it just matches with my favorite things to do like reading, writing and taking pictures. It truly is the most popular season for bloggers, so I guess, it’s just a given.

I’m also glad that I live in a country were all the seasons really exist. I admit that when it’s winter, I want summer, when it’s summer, I want fall cause let’s be honest, especially when it comes to weather, it can never be right. I love when it’s really hot but after a while, I get over it. It takes me a few weeks and then I absolutely hate winter, as well. Especially cause the snow here can get super annoying,  you end up getting stuck on the road, there are lots of accidents and sometimes, I can’t even get to work. But overall, I like seeing every season with its different characteristics and here comes a list with what I love about each one of them.


flowers and plants blooming everywhere – cherry blossoms or canola fields are so pretty
 the first rays of sunshine
getting rid of the winter coats
the smell of freshly mowed grass
lots of holiday’s like Easter and other days where you don’t have to go to work
when nature slowly comes back to life
sleeping with open windows
when the chirping of birds comes back
colors are back
great months to go on vacation
the good feeling of a good spring cleaning
new motivation
everyone seems to be happier again


walking around in flip-flops or bare-foot
long days and nights
barbeques, picnics, sitting outside in cafés
summer music playlists
driving with the windows down and blasting music
eating ice cream and watermelon
drinking ice cold water on a really hot day
beautiful sunsets
bonfires and S’mores
sun-kissed skin
looong vacations
fun activities to do
star gazing
wearing sun glasses


all the beautiful colors
the crunching sound while walking through leaves
wearing hats and boots again – UGGs for life, baby!
fall fashion is my favorite
so many TV shows back on TV
it gets colder but there are super beautiful days
it’s finally socially acceptable again to stay in
the best Instagram pictures
cozy socks
reading season
plaid shirts, comfy knitwear, leggings
fun things to do like carving pumpkins, fall mazes, apple picking and more


cozy days and nights
the beauty of nature covered in snow
my birthday
those really cold days when the sun comes out and makes ice and snow glisten
New Year’s
listening to Christmas music all the time
drinking tea or hot chocolate
 all things Christmas like baking cookies or putting up decorations
the smell of tangerines
the stillness of snow-covered landscapes
you can perfectly hide your never-been-there-in-the-first-place summer bod
no annoying insects
not having to shave my legs

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