German Sayings Literally Translated To English

I’m pretty sure that every country has its own sayings in its own language. But what happens when you literally translate them into another language? I’m German and I thought I’d translate some of the things we say into English and I’m pretty sure everyone will think we’re crazy. My work bestie helped me put together this list and I dare you to read it and not laugh.


That makes me nobody so fast after.
I think, I spider.
There bites the mouse no yarn off.
Life is not a ponyfarm.
 With me is not good cherry eating.
How horny is that then?!
I only understand train station.
My English is under all pig.
That is not the yellow from the egg.
There becomes yes the dog in the pan crazy.
Holla, the Woodfairy!
I eat a broom.
Everything is in butter.
He has not all the cups in the cupboard.
The drop is sucked.
You have a beforepicturefunction.
That is all jacket like trousers.
And now butter by the fish.
 You have of tooting and blowing no idea.
Nothing for ungood.
There we have the salad.
I buy not the cat in the sack.
You go me animally on the cookie.
 You are on the woodway.
Now I know how the bunny runs.
Don’t play the offended liversausage.
You can me once.
It makes me foxdevilswild.
Heaven, ass and thread.
I shame me in ground and floor.
Peace, joy, eggcake.
My dear mister singing club.
Don’t go me on the ghost.
Old Swede!
Oh you green nine!
Don’t hang it on the big bell.
He makes out of a mosquito an elephant.
There stays no eye dry.
 I need to bite in the sour apple.
There lies the dog buried.
There is hop and malt lost.
That knocks the barrel the bottom out.
Leave the church in the village.

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7 Responses to German Sayings Literally Translated To English

  1. Lisa B says:

    This is fab! When I was in Cologne I saw postcards just like this with German sayings which had been translated literally. I bought one but I can’t remember what it was exactly- something about being like the dot on the ‘i’?
    Lisa x


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  3. I love this! We have to do German translations of marketing documents sometimes at work, and it’s such a verbose langauage. Our designer struggles to squish everything in!


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