My 101 Wishes – 76-101

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 4 and don’t laugh at me.

Make A Wish

076. Talk to animals
I bet we’ve all been at a point, where we just want to talk to our pet and be like: “What the hell do you want from me?” It would be so nice to hear all the stories they have to tell.

077. Live in London
For most of my life, I always wanted to go back to the States and live there. I went back, I changed my mind. Now, I could really see myself living in beautiful London, but with Brexit and all, who knows if it’s even possible.

078. Be a Disney Princess at Disneyland
Definitely not forever cause I’m pretty sure, I’d be annoyed pretty quickly, but maybe for a month or so. Preferably, I want to be Belle.

079. Have the soundtrack to my life playing when something happens
I love how in movies there is always the right music playing in the background of a special scene. I want that in real life.

080. Live in a different era
It would be amazing to be a flapper in the golden 20s and celebrate huge Gatsby-style parties.

081. Have the perfect blogger/Insta friend close to me
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my friends, but none of them really have a thing for social media, blogging or photography. It would be really great to have someone close by to share all of this with. Support is key.

082. Win a Pulitzer Prize
When you’re a journalist and don’t wish for this, are you even a journalist?

083. Have one of those crazy movie romances
You know, the ones that hardly ever happen in real life? Yeah, those. I want a Chuck and Blair kinda thing (I know Gossip Girl is not a movie) because I have a thing for complicated.

084. A make-up applying machine
I want something where I can just type in the look I’m going for, hold my face into and then get it painted.

085. My own comedy/late night show
I’m a funny person who loves to make people laugh and I’ve been told that I should try standup, but I just can’t do everything. And it’s a huge step. But yeah, have a show like that would be pretty cool.

086. Have a Wikipedia page
Technically, I could just make one for myself, but that would be a bit sad. Can you imagine?!

087. Complete my bucket list
At least the realistic things that I can actually influence.

088. Get a Ph.D.
I really hope that I can find the time and motivation someday.

089. Be a marine biologist
In another life, that’s what I want to be. Unfortunately, in this life, I’m a bit scared of the sea and in school, biology definitely wasn’t my strong suit. Life under water is fascinating, which brings me to my next wish.

090. Be a mermaid
If I was a mermaid, I didn’t have to study biology, so that would be a plus. I’m an Aquarius and a good swimmer, it makes perfect sense. I already got the costume at home, too.

091. Forever have a close relationship with my godson
I can’t even tell you how much I love this boy. He turns 7 in December and I love spending time with him. I’m dreading him turning into a teenager but I will do my best to keep our bond as close as it is. And I also can’t wait to become godmother a few more times. I know it’s going to happen.

092. Meet supernatural creatures
I really want to know if there are ghosts, vampires, unicorns and all those magical and supernatural creatures and of course, meet them. Who doesn’t want to have a friend like Casper the friendly ghost?!

093. Be a wedding planner
Man, I definitely need a lot more lives to work in all these jobs. I honestly thought about doing this but since being a journalist is my dream job, I went for that. However, I do hope I can plan a big one, someday. One of my friends will definitely let me do it, at some point.

094. Have a song written about me
It doesn’t have to be a love song, I just want to know that a song was written about me.

095. Some specific material things
A Tiffany necklace or bracelet, a Kate Spade Handbag, a pair of Manolos, original Uggs and things like that. I’m not super interested in big brands, but a few special pieces would be very nice.

096. Meet the British Royal Family
How I would just love to take a look behind the curtain. I want to know what a queen does all day, hang out with Kate and William and definitely party with Harry. And you know, I want to feel like a princess for a day.

097. Be a Victoria’s Secret angel
I don’t want to be a full-time model, I just want to be a VS angel. The shows are absolutely amazing and those women are some of the most beautiful in the whole world. The music, the runway, those gorgeous wings – I want that.

098. Have my own big fat wedding but without the marriage
Just because I don’t want to get married, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love a wedding. It would be completely over the top and cost a fortune but it would totally be the dream. But just a warning: I will be a huuuge bridezilla.

099. A super crazy weekend in Vegas
It can definitely happen, I just need to find the right people to go with. I really love my friends, but I don’t think they’re up for it and you can’t have the fun I’m looking for with just anyone. I really want it “Hangover” style before I get much too old for crazy things like that.

100. Pure happiness
I said it in the beginning of the year, I truly just wish for happiness. I’m not sure what exactly will bring me the kind of happiness I’m looking for, but I’ll know when I find it.

101. World peace
I know this sounds cheesy, but if you don’t wish for this, are you even human???

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