My 101 Wishes – 51-75

What if you could wish for anything in the world, no matter how crazy it seems or how selfish it is? I feel like all of mankind would go crazy but it would still be pretty cool. I have so many that I thought, I’d put together 101 things that I would love to have or see happening. Some of them could be fulfilled someday, but some are just ridiculous. So here is part 3 and don’t laugh at me.

Make A Wish

051. Speak every language in the world
Being able to communicate with every person in the world would be absolutely amazing.  I find it so interesting to learn about different countries and cultures and it would make it a lot easier.

052. Win the lottery
I mean, who couldn’t use that? But I don’t even play, so that makes it very unrealistic. And when it comes to luck, I’m usually not majorly blessed with it. I just want enough to take a year off and travel the world.

053. Figure out what my ultimate dreamjob is and get it
I’m a journalist and I don’t want to be anything else, I just don’t know exactly what I want to do with it for the rest of my life. Still trying to figure that out and taking one step at a time.

054. Have an aquarium built into the wall
When I was a little girl, I had a pink Ariel aquarium and it was lovely. I had another one after that with colorful rocks and marbles but then my parents basically made it theirs and I didn’t have one, anymore. Life under the sea fascinates me and I would love to have a big aquarium built into the wall and a person to take care of it. So beautiful.

055. Meet the Obama’s
It’s not a political thing, I just admire them as people. I even wrote my Master’s thesis on Michelle Obama and I think she’s an incredible woman.

056. Have my own newspaper column
Basically, I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. Write a column, publish books and all that. I don’t want her closet, just her job.

057. The Spice Girls getting back together
I’ve always been a huge fan and still have some merchandize and a big folder full of clippings. They were the best girl group ever and I would really love to see all five of them live on stage.

058. Have motivation 24/7
We’ve probably established by now that I’m lazy but I also love the feeling of being productive. I just have lots of trouble getting myself motivated these days.

059. Be in New York during Christmas time
One day, it will happen. I want to go ice skating at Rockefeller Centre, admire the big Christmas tree and just take in the whole wonderful atmosphere.

060. Read all the books I own
I feel absolutely terrible for writing this, but I haven’t read one book this whole year. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. There are still so many lovely books waiting for me but someday, I will hopefully reach my goal.

061. Being able to beam me to any place in the world
As much as I love airplanes, just beaming myself to any place in the world within seconds is just the dream. Who knows what technology will bring us in the future.

062. Catch all the Pokémon
I don’t really play anymore because it got pretty boring, but I didn’t delete it. So there is still hope.

063. A robot who just does everything I want him to
Yup, lazy.

064. Visit Disneyland during every season
It’s just so pretty how they redecorate for every season and I want to witness it all. I’ve been to Paris during Halloween/fall which was super cool and to California in summer and spring, but I can’t remember that being super special. I liked Eurodisney a lot better.

065. A mini fridge right next to my bed
Lazy, lazy, lazy.

066. Fly 1st class to somewhere far away
I just wanna do that at least once in my life and feel like a million dollars.

067. Have enough money to never have to think about spending it
I don’t need to be filthy rich, I just don’t constantly want to do the math.

068. All the US food I love being available in Germany
There is so much I really miss over here, but when I’m in the States, I also miss German food. If I could really wish for some things in my local supermarket, I’d love Pizza Lunchables, Lucky Charms, Fruit Gushers, the original Doritos, Hot Pockets and just a lot more unhealthy food.

069. I want to be a kid again
Adulting is just not super fun and I’m over it pretty much every day. My childhood was pretty cool so I wouldn’t mind going back for a while.

070. Have Jennifer Lawrence and Adele as friends
I feel like we would get along sooo good. They’re just natural and say whatever they think and that’s definitely my kind of people. I’m pretty sure we would just die of laughter.

071. Knowing what my future is going to be like
I really want to know because I have no clue. I always thought, I would have it figured out by 30 but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And I’m really impatient and just want to know, so I can stop worrying.

072. All my favorite childhood TV shows back on TV
Because the 90s were just the absolute best and I wouldn’t need anything else on TV. Or well, all the other 3846 shows I watch, but the 90s shows would just be the most amazing thing ever.

073. Be a contestant on “Let’s Dance” ( the German”Dancing With The Stars”)
This is definitely one of my biggest wishes and every season, I always think that I could totally do it. Dancing was always a huge passion of mine, although I don’t really dance anymore, like I did when I was younger, but I wouldn’t even need a second to think about it, even for zero money. I just want to be a contestant.

074. Attend an award show
I’ve been forever obsessed with award shows. I used to stay up all night to watch them live (stupid time difference), I take notes and I just always wish I could attend. I want to do the red carpet, dance in the audience and yeah, I want an award because I’ve got my speech ready.

075. Be really good at rapping
I think it’s just one of the coolest things to do and I’m not super bad at rapping, I just think it doesn’t sound too good. However, I do think that I’m pretty good at doing “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa and “Butterfly” by Crazy Town.

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