Which Moomin Character Are You?

This is a little post about the adorable Moomins and a quiz you can do online to find out which character you are. Do you remember this cute kids show? I know there were books and comics way before it, but that’s how I know them. And I’m always up for a little online quiz that tells me so much about my personality. How else could I ever know who I really am, right?

So this is truly one of my favorites because the Moomins are the cutest, the website is pretty fun to browse and it really makes me want to visit Moominworld in Finland, more and more. Also, the result is one that really surprised me for being super accurate. Isn’t it super scary when this happens? I know that the quizzes are just for fun, but often enough, they’re actually true, which blows my mind.

Which Moomin Are You

So apparently I’m Moomintroll, the main character of the show and he is just too cute to be true. And the result said:

You always enjoy the company of your dear friends and you totally trust them and they trust you. You often get excited about things you see and you believe that there are many super exciting things in the world to explore!

Even if you find your home and its surrounding to be the most interesting and safest in the world, you are still curious and daring enough to embark on new adventures!

This describes me so terribly well. My friends mean the world to me and I couldn’t imagine a life without them, even though I really have to motivate myself to meet up. Because as this quiz point out, my home is my safe place and I love being here. My room is everything to me and I hate leaving it, every single day. Once I get out though and do fun things, I of course love it. So I force myself to go on new adventures, every once in a while, because I know how deeply happy they make me. I’m always open for something new and even if it’s scary, I just need to push myself a bit, cause the world has so many amazing things to offer.

Moomin character

So if you want to find out which Moomin character you are, go to www.moomin.com and let them tell you all about yourself.

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