Goodbye July 2018

Goodbye July,

and hello august. Wow, another month just flew by. Christmas is pretty much around the corner. I definitely feel it though, since I was pretty relaxed at the beginning of the month, after having some time off from work at the end of June, and now I’m not. I definitely wouldn’t say no to another vacation, but it’s just not going to happen.

The heat isn’t helping, either. Seriously, if I hear anyone complaining about not having a proper summer this year, I may lose it. How crazy is this weather? For my taste, it could be a bit cooler, though. It makes work so much harder. I have a million things to do, but it’s a bit hard to focus. But we always complain about the weather anyway, no matter what. I’m looking forward to fall though. It’s just my favorite season and I definitely have less trouble getting dressed. And don’t get be started on all the freaking bugs.

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So usually, I now tell you what I did all month. I can’t even remember doing anything besides work and sleep. And of course watch lots of TV shows and believe it or not, I did a lot more blogging than usual. I’m really trying to get better at it again, also with social media. I even started scheduling promo tweets again. It’s a miracle. And I definitely have a lot more things I want to write about, which is good. I just really have to keep kicking myself a bit, but I feel good about it. Sometimes, I just have a hard time writing, because I also write a lot for work and there is just so much writing I can do.

I think I had one date this month with my bestie and we went for waffles and I also hat a bratwurst. That’s pretty much all it takes to make me happy. There was also my grandma’s birthday and my brother’s, as well. Both were really nice and of course cake made it all even better. My absolute highlight were my parents being on vacation for ten days, though. I love them, but I’m too old to still be living at home and I get over it, from time to time. So it was nice to have some peace and quiet. It also made my brother and me be closer again. I can’t even explain why. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to be more relaxed and not get upset over every little thing.

So that’s that. It was hot, boring and also stressful. But I’m really needing all the chill time I can get. Whenever I get home, I can barely keep my eyes open, but by the end of August, it will be better and I’m looking forward to that. There are a lot of people I want to hang out with, and by the end of the month, I will be all motivated for that again.

Enjoy summer as long as it lasts. Blast your favorite summer tune on your way to work – it will make your day so much better. Stop letting every little thing get to you.  Eat lots of ice cream. Make time for yourself. Be open to new opportunities. Know your worth. Sit outside at night and listen to the chirping. Look up and count the stars. Have a lovely month.

Tons of love,

Mainz Germany Schillerplatz

Lovely life
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Songs I loved
Anne-Marie – 2002
Pietro Lombardi – Phänomenal
♥ Freya Ridings – Lost Without You

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