Goodbye June 2018

Goodbye June,

and hello July. Can you believe that half a year is already over? And boy, what a busy month this was. I am definitely not used to having plans, all the time. I need so much time for myself, it’s insane. I was out and about every weekend and I also had two weeks off from work, which were also packed with plans. But since I didn’t travel anywhere, which I’m still a bit sad about, I couldn’t just do nothing. As much as I love the thought, I don’t have that much time to waste.

I spent a lot of time on the road, but it was definitely worth it. When my mom was still in the clinic, I visited her and we enjoyed the beautiful weather together. The poor woman even visited an old castle with me, crutches in hand and all. But she’s a tough cookie, so we did not just sit around doing nothing. The city Bernkastel-Kues is really beautiful, with lots of old architecture, which of course I had to take a million pictures of. We also went on a boat tour and a sightseeing bus tour. The weather was amazing, as it has been for most of June, and some quality time together never hurts.

My two weeks off started with a weekend full of laughter. I went to the zoo with two of my besties and what can I say – it was absolutely wonderful. When you know people for a million years, it’s just the best. And I always go to the zoo with these two, so it was just perfect. So much laughing, talking, catching up – almost makes me wish, I was still in school, where I can see my friends everyday. So that was fun. And the Sunday after, we wanted to do canoeing with the whole group, but one girl got sick, so we ended up having a nice breakfast, instead. Two days of getting up super early, but it was so worth it. There is seriously no better time than with my girls.

For the first time ever, my god son spent a whole weekend at my place and it was fun, but definitely reminded me of why I just don’t want kids. I mean, I’m just not cut out for it and I have zero patience for everyone older that like three. I took him to an amusement park, where everything was appropriate for his age and what happened? He can’t wait to go on the roller coaster, but then realizes, after only one ride, that he’s too scared and it’s not for him. Minimum age started at FOUR. He’s SEVEN and a half. Imagine my disappointment. Lesson learned. But we got along well. I also took him to see miniature trains, made him all kinds of junk food and whatever else you do with kids.

After that, spent some days at my grandma’s house and I love how insanely happy it makes her, when I’m there. And she just does everything for me, so I was definitely able to chill. Another fun thing was going shopping at Primark, which I do like once a year. I went absolutely nuts and just bought whatever I felt like buying. Not many clothes though, cause I looked horrible in everything. But good thing they had enough Disney stuff I don’t need that I could buy. Took it all home.

I also went to a wedding, which was nice. Although I have to admit that I’m a bit over them, cause I’m never ever just a guest. This time it was singing and taking pictures. So much stress. But otherwise fun. And it’s nice to get a little dolled up, once in a while. The highlight of the month was a day with my best friend, though. I went to Mainz and we did basically everything I wanted. I got to eat some of my favorite food, we went to a Disney exhibition, she made a real effort to take cute pictures of me and we really just laughed all day long. Definitely my favorite day of the month.

At this point, I would also love to tell you how much I enjoyed watching the World Cup, but I rather not. What the hell Germany??? But since it happened to so many great teams, I guess it’s ok. Pretty disappointing, but nothing that can be done about it. The best team should win and we were so far away from that, it’s ridiculous. So I’ll tell you that aside from having a blast, I also did things like deep-clean my whole room, get my car fixed, some doctor’s appointments. Super interesting, I know. But overall, I jut had a really great month.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Buy things you don’t need but that make you really happy. Spend time with your loved ones. Laugh uncontrollably. Put yourself first. Give your room, house or wherever you live a good cleaning. Cook your favorite meal and really enjoy eating it. Have a movie night. Make somebody smile.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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