Goodbye May 2018

Goodbye May,

and hello June. Can anyone believe that half of the year is almost over? That’s just crazy. But what I am really sad about is that it’s not May anymore, cause all those holiday’s were amazing. Extra free days are the best. Especially, cause last month was still pretty stressful and I can’t put into words how over all of this I am. I love my family, but I just really want everything back to normal cause, I hate being this tired and busy. I have two weeks off this month and I’m planning on only doing things for myself, no matter what! Man, I really need to move out!

There was a lot going on in May and aside from feeling sorry for myself, I managed to squeeze in a few fun things. I was invited to one of my besties wedding and it was nice, but damn did I feel lonely. But she had her prefect day and I was happy to be a part of it. And any excuse for buying a new dress is good. I actually bought another one cause there is a wedding this month, as well. I mean, I don’t want to look the same in all the wedding pictures, so I really had no choice.

I had a nice brunch with my girls, I went to see the musical “Tanz der Vampire” which was good, but not even close to my favorites. I had a movie date and watched “I feel pretty” GO Amy Shumer and I especially loved being in an escape room. You do feel a bit stupid for all the clues you miss, but it’s so much fun. And eventually, we did make it out in time. We had a little help, but we definitely did a good job.


I also had my grandma’s dog for a bit and I really loved hanging out with him. I definitely didn’t feel alone, but I really do not want to have a pet. Animals are super cute and all, but that’s just not going to happen. I don’t have the time or the nerve for it. But for a week or two, I’ll perfectly take care of yours. He’s a real cutie, though.

The other highlights of my month revolve around my TV addiction. It was time for the Eurovision Song Contest again and yeah, I know it’s cheesy and all, but so much fun. And of course there was the royal wedding. If you didn’t watch Harry and Meghan get married, are you even living right?! It was so beautiful and I hope they’ll be forever happy, cause they’re so cute together. I was a bit disappointed by her dress though, but every bride should wear whatever she wants. And honestly, she’d look good in a potato sack. I’m really not for marriage, but I sure as hell love weddings. And of course I got all hyped up about Meghan and started watching “Suits”. Surprise, I’m hooked. And not to forget “13 Reasons Why” was craaazyyy, but it’s so important and so good.

So that’s it for the month. May was not bad, the weather was pretty good, I did some fun things and the rest will hopefully all fall into place, soon. I just can’t wait for my two weeks off from work because I really need it and I will hopefully fill them with great memories. I got some things planned that I’m looking forward to. So fingers crossed that everything will just be fab.

Buy a new dress. Turn up the music in your car really loud and sing your heart out. Take a day all for yourself. Find a new favorite TV show and binge it. Go for a walk. Grab some ice cream and enjoy a hopefully sunny and great month of June.

Tons of love,

Balloons in the sky

Lovely life
the royal wedding Eurovision Song Contest musicals escape rooms summer music having a doggy around Suits great movie soundtracks dresses with pockets weddings lots of holiday’s listening to rain David Beckham still being the hottest guy on the block brunch with friends 13 Reasons Why season 2 Disney Store deliveries parking in the teacher’s parking of your old school giving a class Tinder entertainment shower + fresh pj’s + fresh sheets a good Bratwurst Mustangs (cars) Chinese buffet girl time going for walks cute postcards roasted veggies ice cream bell peppers filled with ground beef

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RuPaul – Sissy That Walk
Alvaro Soler – La Cintura
Wincent Weiss – An Wunder

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The Greatest Showman
I Feel Pretty
The Kissing Booth

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2 Responses to Goodbye May 2018

  1. Honey says:

    Seriously don’t even remind me it’s June already! I can’t handle it. Where did my half of year go???
    Starting from the beginning, I totally get you with your family situation. I love them, but I’ve had it and there are times now more than ever when I just want to move out and be alone for at least some short time. Weddings are always the same for me – I love them, love the food and dancing, but I feel so alone, this single life hits me the hardest then…
    I also didn’t like Meghan’s dress, but she obviously did so I’ll let her be haha She is so pretty, but I keep wondering if she’ll miss her life, dressing whatever she wants as she did so far…

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


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