Goodbye April 2018

Goodbye April,

and hello May. I love this month because it starts with a holiday and has a few more throughout the next few weeks. And who doesn’t love some extra free time, right? I want to use it for fun activities and also for organizing my life. There is something truly satisfying about decluttering and putting everything into place. I could definitely use another room or two to make everything fit perfectly, but since that’s not happening, I have to get rid of things.

I started with my closet, which was too full. When you’re hangers barely move and all your ironed clothes get wrinkled, it’s time to make a change. I do have to find a new spot for all my purses now, but my closet and dresser look great on the inside. Still, there is so much more to do. Especially the basement is ridiculous, since I stored my stuff pretty much everywhere. “Collecting” lies in my family.

cherry blossoms

The highlight of my month was being back in journalism school for two weeks. I learned so much and had a great time with the group. How much I would love to work with these girls, on a daily basis. I’m sure we could accomplish great things. And it’s just so lovely to be taken care of with food throughout the whole day. You save a ton of money, don’t have to worry about cooking, shopping or anything else.

Even though being in class all day is super exhausting, we truly had a great time. I laughed so much and a little break from everyday-life is always a nice thing. I found it interesting to realize that working for online media would probably be something really fitting for me. I always wanted to do print media, which I am currently doing, but I love including social media and all the possibilities the internet gives you. So who knows what lies in the future.

There was of course a family day for Easter and also a little get-together with my girls which unfortunately wasn’t what it used to be, but it was still nice to see everyone. I did a barbecue with my dad and a chill night with a friend but otherwise, April was super quiet. I didn’t do much on weekends, mainly because I was constantly exhausted and still had to take care of a lot of things for the family, since everything is still not back to normal. So it was housework, sleep and watch all my TV shows, most of the time.

I’m sure May will be lovely, though. So far, I’m invited to a wedding, there is a brunch and a musical trip planned and my grandma’s doggy will be here for a week or so. I love having a cuddle partner for a little while and he definitely helps me be more active. Also, it’s going to be my first time in an escape room, where my detective skills will hopefully come in handy. And not to forget: Eurovision will be on. So this month will definitely be more active and I’m looking forward to everything.

Post pictures of lovely flowers on Instagram. Make a new playlist for your car. Prepare a nice meal for your family. Enjoy beautiful sunsets. Ignore your phone for a while. Say “thank you” more often. Throw smiles around like confetti. Declutter your life. Never take yourself too seriously. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Enjoy May.

Tons of love,

Spring feeling

Lovely life
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