Goodbye March 2018

Goodbye March,

and hello April. Also, hello spring. The temperatures have finally gone up and I don’t have to walk around in heavy boots, anymore. I guess, I have to start shaving my legs again. And get tan and do my toe nails. Wow, I’m already exhausted. But yay for flowers and blue skies. Now, I just have to figure out what to do on weekends, instead of hiding in bed while binging on TV shows.

March started off great because instead of going to work, I was in journalism school for two weeks and I really loved it. I tend to be all negative at first and already hate everything before experiencing it, but it was all a pleasant surprise. Although it’s exhausting to basically be back in school, I learned so much and met wonderful people. The group of girls there is amazing and I can’t wait to see them all again in April for another two weeks. I also liked the food, the rooms were absolutely fine and I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I have nothing negative to say. Which is probably a first. Ok, the wi-fi could be better, but that’s about it. Shocker!

Another fun thing in March was our 10-year reunion with most of the people I graduated with. I’m still glad that some of my besties finished school with me, so none of us has to be alone at these events. Because let’s be real: It can be pretty awkward seeing people you haven’t been in contact with for ten years. Especially those, with whom you haven’t really been good with, at any given point. We had dinner at a restaurant and went to a bar, afterward. And yeah, we got super wasted. My best friend an I started drinking at like 3.30 in the afternoon, because you can’t come sober to these kind of things. It was hilarious. I had really fun chats, laughed a lot and if it was up to me, we could do this more often than every five to ten years. Shocker number two! And no, I’m not drunk anymore.

Unfortunately, the rest of the month wasn’t as much fun. My grandpa surprisingly passed away and it’s always so very hard to lose a family member. But to honor him, I spoke at his funeral and it personally helped me a lot with the situation. Two weeks later, my mom’s life partner had a heart attack and sent our family spiraling, again. She’s doing better now, but it was all a lot to handle, at once. I will just never understand why bad things are always followed by more bad things. It’s still hard and of course Easter felt very weird, but we’re getting there. I’m trying to pick up the slack at home, as good as I can, but I really can’t wait for everything to kind of go back to normal. But family always comes first, so I’m doing whatever I can to help.

So I really hope that April won’t bring any more bad news – we’ve truly had enough of it. It doesn’t go well with spring, anyway. I’m very much looking forward to being back in journalism school and just in general to a good time. I don’t have anything planned in particular, but I’m open for new adventures.

Enjoy spring. Make plans, Take pictures of blue skies. Sleep all day if your body needs it. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Look up from your phone, once in a while. Pick up your favorite take-out and eat it in bed. Never give up. Take a shower, change your sheets and enjoy the feeling of lying in them. And of course, have a great month.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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(I decided to change this, because I definitely watch more movies than listen to new music. Neflix is just one of best things ever invented.)

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