12 Awesome Chick Flicks You Have To Watch – Part 2

Chick Flicks

I already gave you the first part of my list, and I could write a lot more posts about so-called chick flicks cause I truly live for them, but these are six more that are really high on my list. Maybe I’ll continue with suggestions but a total of 12 will just have to do for now.

07. The Sweetest Thing
Who would ever say no to a Cameron Diaz comedy? She’s hilarious! I mean sure, the story is a bit weird and some moments are just like WTF?! but it makes me laugh, every time. Let’s all sing the penis song together. Or the Pina Colada song? Trust me, it’s fun. And it’s set in San Francisco, which has a special place in my heart. It’s just a super fun and crazy comedy that guarantees lot’s of laughs. And in case you need inspo for your next costume party, pay close attention to the store scene.

Chick flicks

08. Uptown Girls
The movie is really beautiful. A touching story about love and loss, friendship, trust, growing up but never forgetting your inner child and so much more. The two main characters are incredibly loveable and it’s just the sweetest. They’re played by the beautiful Brittany Murphy, may she rest in peace, and Dakota Fanning, who is an absolute queen. I’m not sure how popular the movie is, but please give it a try.

chick flicks

09. Pretty Woman
This is the most classic movie on the planet and I’m an absolute sucker for it. Whenever it’s on TV, I have to watch it. Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful women on earth and Pretty Woman is just full of iconic scenes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her give it to those snobby ladies at the store, who didn’t want to serve her. And of course it gives us the happy end we all hoped for. It may be one of the most unrealistic stories ever, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful.

Chick flick

10. Legally Blonde
If Elle Woods isn’t the best role model on the planet, then who is?! This blond Barbie doll showing everyone what she’s capable of is just the best thing, because it just shows you that appearance doesn’t say s*it about you. As a teenager, I was more like her than anyone else. I adored her so much and she always reminded me that I can be whatever I want to be, no matter what people say. And trust me, they said horrible things. Becoming a lawyer wasn’t my goal, but I’m great at what I do and I killed at university and when I got my Master’s degree, I definitely had an Elle Woods moment. And OMG – they’re gonna make a third movie. Best news ever! Also, how does Selma Blair always seem to get the, how do I put this, most “interesteing” roles?!

chick flicks

11. Coyote Ugly
Remember watching that movie and thinking just how cool it would be to work at a bar and dance on the counter, while getting soaking wet or playing with fire? These ladies made it look like absolute goals. I love that the movie teaches you how you can achieve your goals, when you put in hard work. And that it’s perfectly ok to start somewhere, you didn’t see yourself at. We all need to survive and whatever helps you get there, do it. Unless it’s illegal. Not a fan of that. And if you live for serving people at a bar and dancing for them, then go for it. Nothing wrong with this.

chick flicks

12. The Clique
Honestly, I’m not sure if anyone besides me actually know this movie. It’s based on a book series for young adults, written by Lisi Harrison. I actually came across it in my 20s and I enjoyed it so much. Finding out that there is a movie had me go nuts. It’s your average teenage brats story, with a group of rich and snobby girly girls and an outsider trying to fit in. Classic. I never really get tired of them. If you’re a fan, absolutely give it a go. I don’t think it’s on Netflix or anything though, so you may have to buy the DVD, in case people still do that. Or read the books, cause they’re fun.

Chick flicks

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