12 Awesome Chick Flicks You Have To Watch – Part 1

Chick Flicks

For as long as I can remember, I really loved girly movies. Especially during my teenage years, they were pretty much my bible and I just wanted to live exactly like the girls in the movies, which obviously wasn’t so easy, but I tried very hard. I was obsessed with writing down quotes and phrases and trying to integrate them into my life. I even printed out several copies to give to my friends, so we could all talk like that (which didn’t really happen). I also looked the part and basically lived up to every cliché presented. Platinum blond hair, an intense obsession with pink, plastic finger nails, high heels and whatever else you can think of.

But not all movies on my list have a Barbie doll as the leading character. They’re productions that, no matter how often I watch them, I never ever get bored off, and that never cease to make me laugh. I share many great memories with a lot of them and if you haven’t watched every single one, you’re definitely missing out.

01. Dirty Dancing
This will forever be my favorite movie of all times. I’m such a cliché, I know. But it also used to be me my mom’s favorite, so I was really young when I watched it for the first time. It’s one of the few movies, I don’t mind watching in German, because that’s how I always watched it. It sounds weird to me, when I watch it in English, and I can’t join in saying the lines. Also, the soundtrack is just so fun. I mean, have you listened to “Hungry Eyes?” Doesn’t get much better than that. I’m also still waiting for a man, I can do the full dance with, because goals.

02. Clueless
The first time I watched Clueless, I was around 13 years old and had my best friend over. It took us like five seconds to love it and from thereon, we were Cher and Dionne. Ideally, I was blond and have light skinned, and she has dark hair and dark skin. It was a match made in heaven. We actually still use words and gestures from that movie. It’s a bit like code language, cause nobody else get’s it. I still want Cher’s amazing closet, a white Jeep and Josh.

03. 10 Things I Hate About You
If you don’t love this movie, are you even human? It is super fun, has an amazing soundtrack and OMG Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace. This high school romance is just adorable and every time the song “Hypnotize” comes on, I feel like getting up on a table and dance like no one is watching. And again, the soundtrack is everything. The only part that will forever be a bit upsetting is the fact that Kat basically forgives Patrick, after he buys her a guitar. I mean…really? But I guess we all know the feelings she displays through her poem ” . . . But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you – not even close, not even a little bit, not even any at all.” *sigh*

04. Spice World
As someone who grew up in the 90s, I just have to have Spice World on my list. The girls were my childhood heroines and they did so much for Girlpower. The movie was just the cherry on top of everything else these ladies gave us. The story is of course completely insane, but I never ever get tired of watching it. My favorite scene will forever be the jump over the bridge. I mean, that is special effects excellency. And the interior of the bus is just insane. I still want a swing in my room, a red lips sofa and a catwalk. It’s just the coolest and I really wanted a bee stuffed animal, like Emma has in the movie. And you know what I was really disappointed about? When the song they sang at that promotion gig in Milan wasn’t on the album. Still am.

05. Mean Girls
Back in high school, I was 100% a Pla$tic (Yes, that’s a dollar sign for an s). My friends and I were nicknamed the Pla$tics because we were more on the girly side, while most other girls were the exact opposite. But you know what? We had the best time and haters are gonna hate anyway. I probably still have our burn book somewhere and they’re all in it. The movie is just fun. I admit, not a Hollywood masterpiece, but who cares?! It has some of the most known pop cultural references for a reason. Seriously, if you don’t celebrate October 3rd as Mean Girls Day, you’re not living right. But, you go Glen Coco!!!

06. Cruel Intentions
Can you name only one girl who wouldn’t immediately say yes to watching Cruel Intentions? It’s this dark and twisted story that just gets you absolutely hooked. And back in the 90s, every girl probably fell in love with Sebastian and was absolutely devastated, when he died. The whole story is just so crazily beautiful and tragic. As a young girl, I was fascinated. These teenagers were so grown up. All the drugs, sex and girls making out in the park – I mean, how could anyone ever forget this iconic scene?! And it’s another movie with a fantastic soundtrack. I’m always big on the music.

To be continued . . .

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4 Responses to 12 Awesome Chick Flicks You Have To Watch – Part 1

  1. I LOVE 10 Things I Hate About You so damn much! I fell in love with Heath Ledger hard and cried so much when she’s reading the poem out in class towards the end of the film. URGH I need to watch it again so much right now! 😀



    • I watched it again after writing this post and what can I say, it just never get’s old. Such a douchebag thing to do though. Good for him that she’s a girl who forgives you after buying her a guitar. Haha. But it’s just the cutest movie with super fun quotes and great music. :) xx


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