Thoughts I Had While Watching Hocus Pocus

Yesterday, I watched my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus for the millionth time. It’s just one of those classics you can’t watch too often. The movie is just iconic, and honestly, if they’ll film a sequel, I won’t mind. There is also this Hocus Pocus online event a day before Halloween, and I already bought my ticket. Now, I’m just hoping that my wi-fi connection will actually let me be a part of it.

Anyway, sometimes, I like to watch movies and write down all my thoughts. Obviously, as an adult, we watch movies differently than as a child, but I don’t love it any less. I may be more observant though.

Hocus Pocus

    • Every time, I’m surprised to see Timothy McGee from Navy CIS in the first scene.
    • I always thought his name was Zachery. Does anyone ever hear it clearly pronounced Thackery?
    • I love Sarah’s singing, and I would’ve totally followed her voice, as well.
    • Winifred Sanders – one of the most iconic characters ever.
    • “Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” Me everyday.
    • The eye on the book is disgusting.
    • I’ve always had a thing for witches.
    • Why can’t the cat speak after being cursed, but 300 years later, it can?!
    • Sarah is so entertainingly stupid.
    • It’s just one of the movies that really makes me want to visit Salem. Especially during Halloween. I just read an article about it, and it’s insane.
    • I admire how confident Max is.
    • The Dennison house is gorgeous. I want a little tower in my room.
    • Dani is so cute, but I get it. Younger siblings can be pretty annoying.
    • I wish Halloween was as popular in Germany, as it is in the US. I love it and would never mind going trick-or-treating.
    • Didn’t Max just give the candy bag to the bullies? Why is Dani carrying it?
    • I would’ve totally lit the black flame candle. It’s just too tempting.
    • I can relate to the witches. Often not a big fan of kids myself.
    • Oh, how I would love to have magical powers.
    • A black river. :D
    • Their special walk is just one of the best things in the whole movie.
    • It’s so funny how they get to know the modern world.
    • Oh, Sarah… How boy-crazy can a woman be?!
    • Why the hell would the man in the devil costume just invite three strangers into his house, have them fawn all over him, while his wife is sitting right there? That’s just weird. Men…!
    • Those little girls stealing the brooms. Who on earth does that?
    • How the hell can three witches be scared of a little dog?
    • Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!
    • Sarah even got jiggy with her sister’s boyfriend. I’m surprised Winnie let her live.
    • Mom’s Madonna costume is so on point.
    • “I put a spell on you” is such an amazing performance.
    • Why can kids in movies and TV shows just enter their school at any hour of the day?
    • And why is there this big oven thingy?
    • Mary flying on a vacuum cleaner is the best.
    • I should check if mine can fly.
    • YAAAAS, go Billie.
    • Why can they suddenly enter the cemetery? I don’t get it.
    • The potion flying through the air without spilling a drop does not make sense.
    • That went by too fast.
    • I miss watching things as a kid. You don’t see movie flaws or question everything. It’s just the way it is.

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7 Responses to Thoughts I Had While Watching Hocus Pocus

  1. Helen says:

    Love this movie too. Definitely notice things more watching as an adult
    Regarding the halloween bag… Max gave his own Halloween bag to the bullies, not his sister’s.
    I think they can only fly over the cemetery — they just can’t set foot on it.
    Love Winifred — best character ever <3


    • But did he actually have his own Halloween bag? He was totally not interested in trick-or-treating and when they left the bullies, I’m pretty sure Dani was only carrying her bucket. So that kinda bothered me, cause I have no life. :D And I know about the flying, but they make Winnie fall off the broom and she still tries to suck the life out of Max and all and just when the sun comes up, things happen to the witches. I found that confusig. But I should probably look past it. Still a fab movie. :)

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