10 Reasons Why I Love The Kardashians

Kardashian Christmas Card by David LaChapelle
Kardashian Christmas Card – Photo taken by David LaChapelle

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of the most famous families in the world. Some people love them, some people hate them and that’s just how it is with everything in life. Personally, I can’t help myself but love them for a whole lot of different reasons. I don’t care if you think they’re shallow, or stupid or whatever negative word you wan’t to call them, I respect them for their hard work, for their personalities and for just being true to who they are, no matter what. So if you’re not a fan or just want to hate, don’t bother reading any further, but if you are a fan like me, enjoy.

01. All the drama
This family, with all their drama, gives me life. I get super excited when there is a new episode of KUWTK to watch because then, I can learn more about what I’ve already seen in the media. These people always have something going on and it’s awesome. I mean, Blac China being engaged to Rob and pregnant with his baby? Even though I still think she developed this conspiracy theory a while ago, because hellooooo?!, I’m curious who will be sitting at this year’s Thanksgiving table. I don’t think that this can really be topped, unless one of the girls steals their mom’s boyfriend. Now that would be a story. (Please don’t because I really like Corey and Kris together.) But after a sextape, a few crazy marriages, Bruce becoming Caitlyn, Tyga and Kylie and so much more, what else could possibly happen? Knowing them, probably a lot.

Kim Kardashian gif

02. Their incredible genes
Honestly, I don’t care if it’s make-up or plastic surgery or whatever, I am amazed by their beauty, even if they had all the help in the world. Just for the record, I don’t think they’ve got as much done as lots of people think they did. They are gorgeous, period. I mean seriously, since they all look like they do, who actually thinks there is nothing natural there? They were not cloned, after all. If the family is ever in need of money, Kris should just sell her eggs because those genes are golden.

Kardashian Sisters

03. The strong family bond
No matter what happens, and it’s a lot with this family, they stick together and I love that about them. They fight like everyone else in the world does and make up, afterward. I especially admire Khloé for always standing up for everyone and not being afraid to take a bullet. If there is a Twitter feud involving the Kardashians, you know that Khloé is right in the middle of it. Kim is great at mediating because she always stays calm, except for that one time, she hit Khloé with her purse, and Kourtney just couldn’t give a damn, anyway. This family is strong and nothing can really break them apart, even if a lot has happened in the past and probably will, in the future.

Kardashian Jenner Fight

04. Their entrepreneurship
You can hate them all you want, but you really have to admit that the way they market themselves is just ridiculously good. They make a fortune with everything they touch. I’m just surprised that Kris hasn’t found a way to make the girls form a band with an album, a tour and crazy hot music videos. Anyway, I’m sure they could collect rocks, sell them on Ebay and make a fortune with it because people are just crazy about anything they sell. Man, I wish I was Kris who get’s 10% of it all.

Khloe Kardashian

05. Their no-shame attitude
They get bashed for pretty much anything they do or say or wear but do you ever really see them care? No, because they shouldn’t. No matter if your famous or not, there will always be haters who don’t like who you are or what you do. Their success speaks for itself, so who cares about who doesn’t like them? I also love that they hide nothing and just do and say whatever they want. No matter how ridiculous, they just share it with the world and it’s what makes them authentic. It teaches people to always be true to themselves, no matter what, and trust me, I know a lot about being hated for who you are. It’s just wrong and it hurts, but when you hold your head up high and just march right through it, you end up being the bigger and better person.

Kris Jenner

06. Their social media game
People everywhere are so annoyed by them because they are literally all over the place, but honestly, get over yourselves, nobody forces you to follow them on social media. I honestly do. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram – I stalk them. I swear, if I had an actual income right now, I would get subscriptions to all of their apps and buy Kylie’s Lip Kit, but currently, I’m just following Koko. I had Kim’s game app a while ago, but that one didn’t last. I prefer watching them as actual people, with all their videos and pictures, everywhere, and not to forget KUWTK – that show gives me life. That reminds me, I have to add Scott, everywhere. He’s hilarious.

Kim Kardashian Selfie

07. Their open-mindedness
I feel that if the Kardashians are one thing, it’s inclusive. No matter who they bring home, where they are from, they always find a way to make them feel like a part of the family. Also, witnessing Bruce becoming Caitlyn was probably one of the hardest things ever, but I feel like they handled it, very well. I’m pretty sure that whatever or whomever you throw at them, they will find a way to make it work. I mean hello, they even accepted Chris Humphreys, who was pretty much the least likeable person on that show. They still support Scott Disick, after everything that happened and the way they handled the tragic situation with Lamar was just incredible. They have big minds and big hearts and for that, they deserve some credit.

Khloe Kardashian

08. They’re hilarious
I mean, duh. I laugh pretty much everytime I watch an episode of KUWTK. Even if they don’t want to be funny, they are. Remember when Kim had a total panic attack because she lost her diamond earing in the ocean? Or when she took selfies while her sister was in jail? Or when Kloé tried to make a sexy video for Lamar? Unforgettable moments. And everytime Scott dishes out, I just can’t help myself, anyway.

Kim Kardashian Scott Disick

09. Their partners in crime
The show wouldn’t be what it is without all the significant other’s brought into the mix. As mentioned above, Scott is always good for a funny reaction and despite everything negative he has done, I can’t help but sympathize with him. Of course, we all fell in love with Lamar, right away and when Kanye West married Kim Kardashian, which I still think is something I never saw coming, we were all shocked but also surprised how sweet he is with his wife and kids. All the other guys Kim dragged through it, not so much. Except for maybe that polite bodyguard from, I’m not quite sure, Australia? I liked him. Corey is a doll, Tyga, well is Tyga, but he seems to be out of the picture now, anyway, and I just can’t wait for Blac China to sit with them. I’m still gutted that Kendall hasn’t brought someone on, like maybe Harry Styles. Not that I’m a fan but it would just be something super fun to watch. Anyway, the people they date make them even more interesting.

Kourtney Kardashian

10. Their gif-game
No matter which episode you watch, you will always find scenes that are super gif-worthy because this bunch is just hilarious. You can seriously find one for pretty much every situation in life. Check out 22 Kardashian GIFs To Sum Up Your Everyday Life by my friend Gwennan from Twenty Something Meltdown and see for yourself. Thinking about, I might do one of these posts too cause it’s just so much fun to go through millions of gifs by these fabulous ladies. I’m sure Gwen wouldn’t mind to see more. Also Kim’s crying face.

Kim Kardashian Crying Face

All GIFs were taken from www.giphy.com.

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5 Responses to 10 Reasons Why I Love The Kardashians

  1. Loved this Hailey!!! =D hahahahahahahaaa!!!! Recently I’ve given up watching KUWTK because I couldn’t do with their false lives and over dramatic reactions but kudos to Khloe for sticking by Lamar through his illness and for the family accepting Caitlyn. I thought Scott was a waste of space but hey he does bring drama to the table I guess! haha!
    Good for a laugh if nothing else!


    • You just have to et back to watching, it’s super funny. The thing is, I don’t really think that there is so much false stuff out there. Yeah, some things are for the show but I’m pretty sure they actually live like that. :D Either way, I looove them.


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  3. I totally agree with this! I love the kardashians for all the same reasons – and I love having KUWTK marathons on rainy days – soo good!


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