Happy New Year and Hello 2019

As I am writing this, it is New Year’s Eve and as usual, I’m at home in my pajamas, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I honestly just never know what to do with this day. So I usually plan on watching movies, maybe writing, eating, sleeping and all those other things I love. But even though I was really looking forward to a few days just like this, I’m actually considering not doing it, next year. But I still have 365 days to figure it out. At least Taylor Swift’s awesome Netflix special is on, so that helps.

Anyway, this is also when I reflect on everything that happened in 2018 and I’m trying really hard to focus on the good things, cause surprise, surprise, it wasn’t actually a blast. I swear, if the new year also sucks, the world can go to hell, cause I’m done trying. But I have an idea of what will truly help me feel better, so I’m making some plans that just have to work.

But let’s get back to the fun things.

My best friend and I went on a super fun trip to Barcelona for my birthday.
I turned 30, which is not awesome, but I guess important to mention.
I became a god mother for the second time and I’m super proud and grateful.
I finished my job training early, so I’m officially an editor.
I threw my bestie a baby shower in the middle of nature and it ended up being one of the most magical nights ever.
I’ve had two class reunions (two schools), which were actually really fun.
I did super fun things with my friends like visit an amusement park or zoo, swap parties, chill nights, restaurant visits, shopping, weddings and so much more.

And those were pretty much my highlights. There wasn’t a lot going on for a whole lot of reasons, but it is what it is. I also didn’t really achieve any of the things I hoped for, but that’s definitely my fault. I’m pretty sure I didn’t read a book, only lost about 5 kilo, which sure is better than nothing, I was consistent with my blog only for the month I did Blogtober, I absolutely sucked at social media, I traveled only once, my adulting skills are still terrible and of course, I didn’t get out of the house more. How very disappointing.

However, I did have getting my physical problems dealt with on my list. Well, I now know that I’m fructose intolerant, which is often a reason for me to feel bad, depending on what I eat. And I’m still in treatment for my teeth, so I hope that will soon be over, as well. I also finished one au pair scrapbook, but the second one still has to get done. So I guess technically, I did finish and the second one is just for the new year.

So I don’t even know, if I should put together resolutions, cause I’m really bad at making them happen and that doesn’t help with feeling good about myself. The one thing I really want to achieve though is get my own place. I seriously need to move out and no matter what, I will find a way to make it happen. Living with my family just isn’t working for me, anymore. And who knows, maybe then, everything else will automatically fall into place.

There are also a few things I’m very much looking forward to. I will definitely travel to London and Portugal, I have concert tickets to see the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and P!nk, I’m planning on finally going skydiving and after realizing that most of my so-called friends don’t deserve this title, I will focus even more on the few that mean the world to me. And I can’t wait to see my new god son grow and build a close relationship with him and also continue getting closer and closer with my first one.

So that’s it for 2018. As pretty much every year, I just hope for the next one to be better. For that, I also need to continue working on myself and try living the life I want to. I need to put myself first.

I hope that you will all have amazing experiences this year and that we can all forget the shitshow that was 2018. Let’s make every moment count.

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