Goodbye January 2019

Goodbye January,

and hello February – the month I turn 31. Man, I never cared less about my birthday than this year. But I will have a week off, so that’s good. I intend to have a great time, which is what I’m overall hoping for in 2019. Therefore, I’m trying to make plans for every weekend and so far, it’s actually going really well. There are certainly easier things than to motivate myself, but usually, it’s worth it. There was only one weekend I skipped, cause I had a nasty cold and didn’t feel very well.

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I started the month with finally going to the movies again. It’s been ages. I watched Mary Poppins with one of my girls and went for some drinks (it’s weird calling it that, since all I drink is water) afterward to catch up on life. Even though it’s pretty much a sequel, I really enjoyed it. That woman is just a fantastic character. I really need to get back to doing this more often, cause there are always great movies I would like to watch.

I guess the highlight of the month was visiting my best friend for a weekend. The thing is, we could do a million things, cause she lives in a city, but we prefer not to. I literally drive 1,5 hours to do the exact same things I would do at home. But it’s nicer to do it together. It includes a lot of relaxing, hanging around on the sofa and talking, laughing, watching TV and gossiping about the people on the shows, while of course looking our absolute worst. I love it. And we always pick up my favorite food, because no restaurant has pad thai where I live. The plan now is to see each other once a month, which is totally doable, if we make an effort. But I’m sure the next few months are pretty safe. We also finally managed to book flights to Portugal, which I am super excited for. We’re going in April and I can’t wait.

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And finally, it was time for another swap party. I totally live for those. Everyone just brings a ton of stuff they don’t need and whomever wants it, get’s it. It’s just a fun way to get rid of things and also find new stuff. Ideally, you don’t bring home more than you gave away. In order to bring as many things as possible, I went through so many boxes and found really cool things I totally forgot about. I managed to declutter a bit and I’m constantly working on getting more and more organized. I still have a million things, but I can’t just throw everything away, so I’m always hoping to find people, who find use in what I don’t need anymore. Swap parties are also perfect for getting rid of weird Christmas or birthday presents.

I know that this doesn’t sound like much, but for me, it actually was. Of course, I also visited my bestie and my god son, but unfortunately only once, cause I was busy and also sick. That doesn’t work too well with a baby. But this month, we’re going to spend more time together. They just grow up too fast and I don’t want to miss anything. My week off will be good for us. I hope that the weather doesn’t go all crazy again. I’m 100% over winter. It brings me into a bad mood and too much snow always leads to problems. Go away!

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And that was my January. Aside from being sick for a week, it was good and I’m looking forward to more. More fun, more laughs, more quality time with my favorite people.

Declutter your life. Laugh more often. Find a new tea you love and get absolutely addicted to it. Motivate yourself to make plans on a regular basis. Stay in and get cozy on a snowy day. Cuddle an animal. Watch old 90s shows, cause they’re better than anything. Plan something that you can look forward to, like a fun trip or a concert. Enjoy February.

Tons of love,

Verschneites Montabaur

Lovely life
Taylor Swift’s Netflix special when people guess I’m a lot younger than I am Mary Poppins trash TV YOU getting some American food delivered that I really missed working from home a lot catching up with friends swap parties when your body warms up after being cold planning trips booked flights to Portugal a good pad thai waffles surprise mail red velvet cupcakes spending time with my besties cute pajamas Chinese food Lucky Charms organizing your stuff

Songs I loved
Little Mix – Think About Us
Backstreet Boys – No Place
Ariana Grande – 7 Rings

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4 Responses to Goodbye January 2019

  1. Kal says:

    Oh man how good is it to have bestfriends weekend! My bestfriend and I try to hang out with each other every other month (she lives in a diff city). Have fun planning for the Portugal trip!


  2. Honey says:

    where to start? I love that you’re planning your weekend, I should do that too and not just sit around!
    Going to your friend’s to watch TV is absolutely great haha I love doing that. Just being comfortable, eating and having fun, what’s better?
    Also, how am I so excited for this Portugal trip? haha I love when people have the opportunity to travel!
    (and look, there’s my Mickey ♥)

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagrampersonal blog Beehive


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