Goodbye December 2018

Goodbye December,

and hello January. Obviously, I’m starting the year exactly like I ended last year: with being late. I usually post my monthly round-up at the beginning of each month, but I just didn’t write it. To my defense, I want to be more active this year and get out of the house more, so I’m busy doing that and when I’m not, I’m tired and lazy. Same procedure as every year.

However, I do want to tell you a bit about what I was up to in December, the wonderful month of Christmas. Which definitely wasn’t much. I was desperately trying to get into the spirit, but it just didn’t work. No matter how many movies I watched, I just didn’t feel it. I decorated everything pretty much last-minute, more or less only out of habit. I didn’t listen to Christmas music, I didn’t go shopping for presents and I didn’t bake cookies. Maybe that was the problem, but it just didn’t really work out. Christmas itself was pretty nice, though. Stressful as usual, but nice. Good food, some family time and presents. I don’t mind.

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Christmas time also brings people home, who live a bit further away, like my best friend. We got to spend time with each other, three days in a row and it was amazing. I laughed so hard and I wish, we would still be in school and could see each other, everyday. I hung out with her and her family, we went out and even brought ourselves to attend a little school reunion with people we graduated like 15 years ago. I really didn’t want to go, but you know what? It was actually nice. I mean, I didn’t give away much information about myself or ask many questions, cause I have my reasons, but I laughed a lot, so that’s good.

I also spent time with my other bestie and my god son, who is cute as a button. I adore him and just can’t wait for him to grow, cause there are a million things I want to do with him. But he already looks at me, so that’s good. I love helping with giving him a bath or brushing his hair. It’s those little things that create a special bond. He’s just adorable.

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And speaking of having some quality time with loved ones, I finally watched the Dirty Dancing musical with my mom. We’ve been wanting to do it forever and finally had the chance. It was good, but didn’t really blow me away. I didn’t like how some things were changed, since the movie is my absolute favorite and well, good things just shouldn’t be messed with. I did have a good time, though. And my mom had a good time too, which was important to me, since it was her birthday present.

But the craziest thing this month? My first god son turned EIGHT. I still can’t believe it and it makes me a bit sad, that they grow up sooo fast. I mean sure, I can do things with him, but he’s reaching an age, where he’s not so much interested in hanging out. Or when we do, he just wants to play video games. Therefore, it made me even more happy, when, after everyone left after a little celebrating, he asked me, if I would stay a bit longer and we played with Lego and shared some cuddles. Those little moments always make me happy.

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So much for December. I’m definitely not mad that 2018 is over and I hope that the new year brings a lot of great things. I’m positive that I will make positive changes and just have a lot more fun.

Make great plans for a whole new year. Cozy up when the winter weather is giving it it’s all. Get in contact with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Don’t beat yourself up over resolutions. Put together a box full of great memories. Plan a vacation. Find a new favorite TV show to binge-watch. Cherish the little things and enjoy January.

Tons of love,

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