Goodbye November 2018

Goodbye November,

and hello December – last month of the year. 2018 is almost history and I’m definitely not mad. In total, it was really not a good year. But December is usually lovely when you’re a Christmas person, so I’m hoping for a nice ending.

November was pretty much a roller coaster ride, because I had moments where I was just incredibly happy, but also some where I just felt really low and also sick. Sometimes, life just gets pretty overwhelming and we probably all have those moments. However, I’m really trying to focus on little things that make me happy. I’m also sure it will get better in December. I just love the Christmas spirit and I will soon have a lot stress at work, as well, which will work wonders.

Instagram November

Gladly, not everything was bad. The absolute best thing? My brand new god son was born and he is just the cutest. I’m head over heels in love with him and can’t wait to build a very close relationship. My bestie did a fantastic job and I’m so proud of her. And you can bet that I showed up at the hospital with balloons in hand, like they do in movies. A giant stuffed animal was missing, but that would’ve been a bit too much.

You know what else happened? I managed to score tickets for a Spice Girls concert in London and I’m just so excited. It’s totally a dream come true and a trip to the UK is always a good idea. It took be about 1,5 hours to get them and included one super emotional breakdown, cause I had tickets, but then the credit card didn’t work, and then they were gone and I lost it. Eventually, I was successful though and it made me so happy. And to make my 90s heart nearly explode with joy, I also got tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Germany. My 90s heart can hardly take it.

Instagram November

It really doesn’t get much better, cause the rest was pretty normal. I tried to get lots of relax time, cause my weeks were really tiring, despite not having a million plans. I spent time with my best friends, which is always a highlight, no matter how I feel and I’m just grateful to have them in my life. It can be the simplest thing and still make my whole week. That’s exactly how friendship is supposed to be.

So now, I just want to enjoy December. The Christmas lights everywhere are just beautiful, I can set up my adorable tree and all the music and movies give me so much joy. Even though I’m not much of a winter person, I’m kinda hoping for a lot of snow that will give me even more reason to work from home. And you know what? I’m also looking forward to the year just being over. I need a fresh start and new plans. I wish you all an amazing holiday season!

Write a letter to Santa. Put up all the beautiful Christmas lights. Make a list with all the presents you want to get everyone. Try not to care about calories for the holiday season. Buy a festive outfit. Send out hand written cards. Say hi to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time and miss. Bake some cookies and just have a great December.

Tons of love,

Christmas time

Lovely life
my new god son was born getting a good sleep holiday’s getting some fresh air  award shows Little Mix scoring tickets for the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys fun coffee dates being spontaneous, once in a while Chinese take out watching Christmas movies cute babies on my Insta feed a random shopping spree washi tapes  Long Texas BBQ from Burger King started planning a scrapbooking series for the blog a rainy Sunday in bed buying baby gifts finally watched E.T. when my bff is in town buying things nobody needs at cheap shops overknee boots being home alone on weekends Ariana Grande’s video for “Thank you, next” home office days baby cuddles a good facemask Disney Store deliveries 

Movies I loved
The Princess Switch
The Holiday Calendar
The Christmas Chronicles

Interesting articles and videos
Embarrassingly, I hardly read anything. At least I can’t remember anything, so I guess nothing was too interesting. I also haven’t read any books. It may even be possible that it’s December and I’m still at 0 books for the whole year. I sure bought enough, though. Shame on me!

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