Scrapbooking 101: Putting Together a Page

Lately, I have finally found time again, to get some scrapbooking done. It’s such a great hobby, but it takes a lot of hours to create pretty pages, so it doesn’t always fit into my schedule. And I also can’t just do one page. When I get started, there is hardly any stopping. I put on a good TV show on my tablet and have at it like a maniac.

Anyway, in between working on my second au pair scrapbook, I started one for my other travels and finally put together the pages from my trip to London in 2014. The good thing is that I have a pretty good memory and I simply keep everything from a trip, including shopping receipts, which helps to reconstruct a day, even five years later.


So usually, I start with sorting through all the things I’ve collected and sort them into days. And of course, I’ve already printed out my favorite photos beforehand. Then, I write down everything I can remember and finally pick out some tapes, stickers and sticky notes that I want to use. It is so easy to find material for cities like London (also Paris or New York) so I had a ton. I also have enough left for my next visit in June. And by the way, if your desk or the whole room, which is the case for me, isn’t a big creative mess, you ain’t doing it right.

Then I often start with adding washi tape to my page to give it a better frame and try positioning the material. I also fill out a notecard with everything that happened on that day and also add the date and maybe fun quotes or other memorable things. I like different layers and materials on each page and I guess my motto is “The fuller, the better”. I most certainly do not waste any space. And once I manage to figure out the position of everything, I carefully start to glue or stick everything onto the scrapbook page, until it’s done. Then some stickers for the finish and that’s basically it.

Scrapbooking LondonScrapbook London

I know that a lot of people mainly use photos and maybe tickets for their scrapbook, but I literally add everything. For my London pages, I even used a part of the rain poncho I wore and put it over some document, cause it was mostly transparent. I put in an actual British flag and also coins. All these things do make the book a lot thicker in the end, but I just love those pages that include everything. My advice: Don’t be too careful. But obviously there are no rules, so just figure out, what looks best for you.

Scrapbook LondonScrapbooking LondonSo yeah, that’s basically all I do. Sometimes, it takes forever to make everything fit and sometimes, it doesn’t. I wish, I was better at recording and editing videos, so I could maybe film the whole process, but I’m not sure, I will really get around to that. So I try to take photos that at least give you a glimpse of how my pages look like.

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