Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2019 – Theme Artwork – Dare to Dream © KAN

Yes, it was that time of year again. That time, when everyone – ok, maybe not everyone – is looking forward to cheesy music, crazy performances and lots of glitter from the crème de la crème of Europe and some other countries that somehow made it into the Eurovision Song Contest. Pure madness, but I love it.

This year, I finally didn’t watch it alone. My best friend and I did it together. She’s probably the only one out of all my friends, who loves it as much as I do. And we usually don’t really have any TV-interests in common. We also expected not to really agree on any of the performances, but we actually were mostly on the same page.

Just as last year, I didn’t know any of the songs beforehand. Not even the one from my own country. I just like being surprised and unbiased and I only watch the main show. Which was kinda boring. I loved the venue and the stage, also the logo and the motto “Dare to dream”, but most performances were not really spectacular. I feel like it’s getting less, more and more each year.

© Eurovision

But of course, I still watch it and hope that someone with a good song wins. And that happened. I’m actually happy with the Netherlands winning. And I was also rooting for Israel, Australia and Malta. But can anyone explain to me, what all the juries loved about Northern Macedonia? At least the viewers knew better. But on the other side, the people in front of the TV’s also gave zero points to Germany, which is crazy. They were not that bad. People even called for San Marino and that was like the worst thing I ever heard.

Even worse than Madonna singing “Like a Prayer” live. I mean, that was just embarrassing and sad. Yes, she’s an icon, she has done amazing things for music and fashion, but Madge is just over. Her show, the staging, and everything were great, but her singing was worse than ever. And her new music with all the autotune and young artists like Quavo just doesn’t work and diminishes all her great work. However, I agreed with her saying “Let’s never underestimate the power of music to bring people together.”

Overall, I always love watching the show and it’s so incredibly exciting when all the points roll in. I’m already looking forward to next year and I hope by then, men stop wearing all those ugly pants.

01. Malta: Michela – Chameleon
The performance was really modern and just had great visuals. Song and staging were perfect for her age, but I would’ve ditched the white stockings. They never look good on anybody. The reggaeton elements were very cool and overall it was one of my favorites.

02. Albania: Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju tokës
The outfit was pretty cool. Black and gold is always a good combination. She’s also a stunningly beautiful woman. However, I didn’t like the visual fire ring, I hardly heard her sing actual words and that whole yowling was super annoying.

03. Czech Republic: Lake Malawi – Friend Of A Friend
I kinda wanted to hug the singer. I don’t know why. The whole retro visuals were pretty cool but those three listened too much to a-ha and Daftpunk. I wasn’t really sure how to feel about the whole thing and think calling themselves “Lake Malawi” is a bit weird.

04. Germany: S!ster – Sisters
Well, this was the entry for my country and I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but not very special. And I feel like it totally showed that the two of them were chosen separately and then thrown together. Their harmonies were good, but it was all a bit too dramatic and I was disappointed.

05. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – Scream
It sounded too much like a musical and men just shouldn’t be allowed to wear white pants. And was he standing in a shower or what? I was waiting for the Titanic-hand. So dramatic. “Is that still supposed to be English?” was my best friends’ comment. Sometimes, It would just be a lot more authentic, if all the contestants would sing in their own languages.

06. Denmark: Leonora – Love Is Forever
“Cute” is pretty much the only word that came to mind. I was certainly reminded of “Lemon Tree”. Her incorporation of all the different languages was a very good idea, but I didn’t understand why she sang so much in French instead of Danish. It is one of the most beautiful languages though.

07. San Marino: Serhat – Say Na Na Na
Is it just me, or was this by far the worst performance? When it started, I thought it was all gonna be Saturday Night Fever and then he began singing and it just sounded so terrible that I can’t even find words for it. Was he kidding? Sorry, not sorry.

08. Northern Macedonia: Tamara Todevska – Proud
That dress was terrible, the performance was super boring and even though she has an amazing voice, I just expected a lot more. During the performanc,  I was waiting for something great to happen, but it didn’t. The drama alone didn’t cut it.

09, Sweden: John Lundvik – Too Late For Love
He should have been disqualified just for those terrible pants. Was he auditioning for the Chippendales? I totally wasn’t feeling it. His soul sisters should’ve had more stage time, cause they were amazing. He’s great for a gospel choir, but not for the big stage.

10. Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi
The song had a very modern sound, but I was waiting for a bit more to happen. I mean, those two were cute but also a bit creepy. I would be so uncomfortable if someone was staring at me like that for a whole song.

11. Cyprus: Tamta – Replay
Such a typical ESC-performance and girl looked pretty fierce. The beat was cool but she didn’t quite have the right swag for the song. At least it woke everyone up again, after some pretty snooze-worthy performances.

12. Netherlands: Duncan Laurence – Arcade
I always love piano music, so this was definitely for me. He has a powerful voice and I felt it. There is not much I can say, except that I liked it a lot.

13. Greece: Katerine Duska – Better Love
This was a not so good imitation of Florence and the Machine, including lots of weird stage action. I just didn’t get any of it.

14. Israel: Kobi Marimi – Home
This could have been a song from a Disney movie and I absolutely loved it. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes and I felt stupid for it. But that’s just what music can do. He has an amazing voice and it totally touched me.

15. Norway: KEiiNO – Spirit In The Sky
This was pretty typical for Eurovision. I only really liked the woman, though. The other voices were not really my thing, but somehow, they did work together.

16. Great Britain: Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us
Whoever made skinny jeans trendy for guys should really find another job. Just saying… The song was nice, the kid did a good job but there was absolutely nothing special about any of it.

17. Iceland: Hatari – Hatriđ mun sigra
Well, that’s what happens, when Rammstein meets Marilyn Manson meets Depeche Mode. Finally, there was something different on stage, even though it was definitely not my thing. But I guess a little S&M-show never hurt nobody.

18. Estonia: Victor Crone – Storm
Doesn’t anyone tell these people what would be a good stage outfit? This guy wanted to be so damn cool with a bandana hanging from his back pocket and a big heart around his neck. And that whole part with the weird lightening sky? Just NO.

19. Belarus: Zena – Like It
She sounded like she had a big fat cold. Also, white boots are never a good idea. That lovely girl could have done so much cooler things, like dance the way she did in her intro.

20. Azerbaijan: Chingiz – Truth
It wasn’t bad but everything was so random. It was overall a good performance but pretty much immediately forgotten.

21. France: Bilal Hassani – Roi
It wasn’t the strongest voice but a beautiful message and the whole performance was beautiful, as well. The two dancers were amazing and I can’t say it often enough, French is such a beautiful language.

22. Italy: Mahmood – Soldi
This was my best friends’ favorite but for me, something was just missing. And those dancers kinda ruined it. The song has a lot of potential but could have used some more cool beats.

23. Serbia: Nevena Božović – Kruna
She sure watched Frozen a few too many times. It was just a bit darker and included the never forgotten Angelina Jolie leg pose for the duration of the whole song. And dark Elsa didn’t even sing the high notes.

24. Switzerland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me
That’s a big fat NO for the outfit. And I liked the parts of the song where he didn’t sing much best, cause the beat was cool. The thing is, he won a singing competition in Germany years ago and he was so different, so I sure had a hard time taking him seriously. It just wasn’t authentic at all. And no, he is not a dirty dancer.

25. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity
The song sure was something else, but somehow it worked and she had by far the best outfit out of all the contestants. Where can I get a crown like that? I was completely fascinated by her performance. It just looked so much like real flying.

26. Spain: Miki – La venda
The staging didn’t work at all with the song. Why was there this house? The song was fun, but maybe some hot dancers in traditional outfits would have been a better fit.

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2 Responses to Eurovision Song Contest 2019

  1. Honey says:

    I actually debated whether I should open this post or not cause I usually get annoyed or get into an argument over it haha I watch Eurovision religiously each year hoping they would cancel jury votes and make each country sing in their own language…
    I’m not going to go into songs much (but I absolutely hated Slovenia, what the hell was that??) and I had more favorites which didn’t win. :(
    I totally agree, it’s a bigger sh*t show each year… also Madonna was absolutely terrible. I couldn’t believe she went on like that


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