Goodbye March & April 2019

Goodbye March and April,

and hello May. It finally happened, I didn’t even manage to write a round-up post for March. That month was just absolutely terrible and I hope, it won’t repeat itself. And of course, I’m also late on April. Mostly, cause I have too many hobbies, too many friends, too many engagements, which are all wonderful things to have, so I’m not sorry for enjoying my life and not pressuring myself. But to be honest, I’m looking forward to getting more writing done now, cause I’ve been mostly scrapbooking for the past weeks and need a break. But whatever is going on and whatever I did or didn’t do, I’m all about positivity, so I will just share everything I loved, anyway. Even if it’s been a while.

Instagram March April

March was mostly work, and by that, I mean feeling close to a breakdown kind of work. I was also sick, but couldn’t take time off and had my free time packed with personal things. But at least those were true highlights. Like that time my mom volunteered to go with me to something called the Supercandy museum and take a million pictures of me. Well, she actually took around 700 and it was pure madness. I’m planning on doing a separate blog post about it, so I won’t go too much into detail. But it was basically a pop-up museum with all kinds of cool settings. It was a dream for anyone who uses Instagram. We went to grab food afterward at the Hard Rock Cafe and just had an overall exhausting but fun day.

In general, I spent a lot of time with my family. Mom and I also went to go see a movie and my uncle celebrated his fiftieth birthday, where I got to hang with family and I spent some time with my grandma, who turns 90 in July. We just have the best time together and I always love to see how happy it makes her when I show up and just make time for her and whatever she feels like doing. She can’t drive, so I take her places she doesn’t like to bother other people with. But with her, I’m really patient and we usually end up buying lots of stuff that barely fits into my car. She’s very much into gardening… She also cleaned the inside of my car, cause she’s just the best.

Instagram March April

Another fun thing I did was driving to Dortmund to attend the Creativa – Europe’s biggest creative fair. I ended up going alone, cause my friend got sick, but I actually liked that, cause I just arrived, went to all the booths I wanted to and then went home. I didn’t have to take breaks, grab food or look at things, I’m not interested in. I was done after two hours and went back home with lots of beautiful new things for scrapbooking. Pure bliss.

The last weekend of March, I visited my best friend, cause we had to plan our vacation that finally happened in April. And let me tell you, it was amazing. When the day finally came, I couldn’t quite believe that it was finally there. We flew to Porto in Portugal and just had the best time. The weather report looked absolutely terrible beforehand, but it ended up getting a lot better and we saw such pretty things, had a great blast and even a month later, I’m still sad that it’s over. Traveling, as exhausting as it can be, is just the best thing ever. But those few days were much needed, amazing and already one of the greatest highlights of this year.

Instagram March April

In total, I had like 2,5 weeks off, so after getting back from Portugal, I still had lots of time to get back on track, relax and do things I love. Like scrapbooking and of course hanging out with my friends and my cute godson. So some coffee dates, a trip to the movies (OMG, Dumbo is sooooo cute!), chilling by the lake and other super chill things with zero stress – just the way I like it. It was so sad going back to work, but at least, I didn’t come back to a huge amount of things to do.

Well, this wasn’t so bad. And I really thought, I’d write much more, but I’m sure, I’ve covered all the important details. Now, we’re already two weeks into May and it’s actually going ok. I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed again by work and just put in enough time to relax. And as stated above, I’m motivated to get more blogging done. My scrapbooks are put on hold for a little bit. I don’t really have anything super exciting planned for this month, cause June has a lot in store and I’m just enjoying me-time and spontaneously meet up with my friends. So all is actually well.

Instagram March April

Enjoy every ray of sunshine. Take life one step at a time. Spend as much time as possible with the people you love. Make new memories. Put together your summer playlist. Come back to a hobby you’ve neglected for a while. Enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass or sunscreen. Treat yourself to something pretty or yummy. Or both. And have an amazing month of May.

Tons of love,

Supercandy museum Köln

Lovely life
quality time with friends and family celebrating women Supercandy Pop-Up Museum Cologne cute pictures being a little extra relaxing on my grandma’s sofa Creativa scrapbooking a good lipstick The Body Shop products red gummy bears a nice vacation Porto having someone cook for you the smell of sunscreen when a stressful time comes to an end sunshine giving your room a deep clean Dumbo hanging out with my friends a child’s laughter a good burger red velvet cupcakes Hard Rock Cafe beautiful architecture Victoria’s Secret scents getting everything organized making more travel plans Grey’s Anatomy S15E19 finishing a to-do-list looking for easter eggs spring weather holiday’s magnolia trees

Songs I loved
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
Taylor Swift feat. Brandon Urie – ME
Pietro Lombardi – Bella Donna

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