Goodbye May 2019

Goodbye May,

and hello June. Wow, the month went by super fast, didn’t it? But I don’t mind since I was really looking forward to June. And the past month wasn’t super special, anyway.

I did something every weekend, like go to a comedy show or to the movies. Have you seen the new Aladdin movie? I thought it was pretty good, especially Princess Jasmine and her new empowering songs. And I also thought Will Smith was great as the Genie. What bothered me throughout the whole movie though was feeling like I was watching a 3D movie without the glasses. I mean sure, there were a lot of fast-moving scenes, but it had never bothered me before and in this movie, it did. It may not be my favorite live-action Disney movie, but still some good entertainment.

The highlight of the month was probably watching the Eurovision Song Contest with my best friend. I usually watch it by myself, but it was a lot nicer to share the experience. Her boyfriend was out of town, so I took the trip and we had her sofa all to ourselves. And when I’m in a city, I always make sure to pick up some food that I don’t get too often. Usually the unhealthy kind. So a pizza and Nutella breadsticks from Pizza Hut and a lemonade from Mc Donalds made me happy. Also some new MAC lipsticks. I couldn’t help myself. So that was a fun night.

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I finally got to hang with my godson, who is six months old now, which is crazy. Unfortunately, the universe often has something against us hanging out, cause over the past few months, I had a big fat cold or herpes – both things that keep me from going near a baby. But his smile is just adorable and it always makes up for lost time. And of course, hanging out with his mommy, my bestie, isn’t so bad either. Now that they’re in their new house, I’m looking forward to so much more time together.

Some family time also happened and the rest of the month, I either spent working (A LOT) or organizing things. Seriously, I make such an effort to get our house into shape, but we just all have so much stuff. I’m constantly sorting through things, donating, selling, cleaning and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and frustration at the same time. I just feel like it never ends. But at least I’m trying. And I also invested some time in scrapbooking, but put it on hold for now, cause once I start, I can’t stop and get nothing else done.

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So, that’s it for May. Nothing special, but nice. But hooray for June. I’m gonna be in London for a few days, see the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys live in concert, I will have my grandma’s doggy over for a week, there is a swap party planned and this doesn’t even cover all of the month. So who knows what else is gonna happen. I’m very excited and looking forward to a ton of fun.

Enjoy the sunshine. Eat lots of ice cream. Make plans for the summer. Spend time with the people you love. Turn up the music in your car really loud and have a party on your way to work. Stay hydrated. Screw the “perfect bikini body”  and know you are beautiful. Smile more often. Get your home organized. And have a freakin’ amazing month of June, cause I sure will.

Tons of love,

cherry blossoms

Lovely life
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Songs I loved
Billie Eilish – bad guy
Tyga feat. Offset – Taste
Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma

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