Goodbye June 2019

Goodbye June,

and hello July. How are we already in the second half of the year? That’s just insane. But I hope the year continues with lots of fun things because the first six months were pretty good.

For me, the highlight of June was definitely my trip to London. My brother and I went on a little vacation and had a great time. I’ve been to the city before, but there is always more to see and I’m sure, it wasn’t my last visit. The main reason for us to go was the Spice Girls concert at Wembley stadium and what can I say: It was just absolutely amazing. A childhood dream came true and I will forever be happy but also sad that it’s over. I’m definitely hoping that they decide to do a world tour and hopefully then, I can see them again. Words can’t even describe how happy it made me seeing them being absolutely flawless and killing it. Worth every penny.

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Also, we did the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter and I will honestly rave to anyone about it, who wants to hear it. The experience was incredible and I had so much fun. The rest of the time, we visited specific shops I wanted to go to, strolled around Notting Hill in search of pretty houses and a bunch of other touristy things like the M&M Store. Unfortunately, I live for pulling your money out of your pockets kind of things. But whatever makes you happy, right?! Overall, we had a really good time and I’m glad we didn’t rip each others’ head off. There was a high chance for it to happen, but nope, we got along just fine.

Another highlight was seeing the Backstreet Boys live. Can you tell that I’m completely stuck in the 90s? Anyway, it was my second time witnessing their incredible talent on stage and again, I had the best time. Even in their 40s, they still got it goin’ on. And you know what, they make an effort. The Spice Girls as well. They sing and dance for two hours straight, definitely know how to entertain and their voices still sound like nothing has changed. I mean, so many artists nowadays can learn a lot from them.

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Aside from these really big things, there was not much else going on, except for a fun swap party, which I love so much. And I also went out to dinner with some of my colleagues and it was one of those evenings, where your whole face just hurts from all the laughter. So.Much.Fun. Oh, and I had my grandma’s dog over for a week and we went outside a lot, which felt good, but I still don’t want a pet.

But of course, the universe never really lets you enjoy your life for too long, right? Every damn time, when everything is just going great and you have zero problems, some catastrophe emerges. So basically, first my car decided to die on me and then my phone. Now I know that these things are just materialistic, but if there are two things I need, it’s my car and phone. I need it for work, I need it for my life, cause from where I live, I ain’t getting anywhere without some wheels. And anyone who uses their phone more than just an occasional call knows that it just feels terrible. And then you feel bad about feeling terrible, cause at the end of the day it’s “just a phone”, but still. Nobody needs these things. That definitely put my good mood to a stop. I mean, I have a new phone now and my car is getting fixed, although it would make sense to buy a new one, but all the money… It’s just super annoying!

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So yeah, that was it for June. I also dared to stay home for two whole weekends, but sometimes, all you have to do is chill. And it was too hot, anyways. I’m definitely eager to make lots of plans for the upcoming months, though. I have so many things I want to do and so many people to meet with and there are only six months left. And those better be good. No more interruptions. Universe, I’m talking to you.

Try and make some of your childhood dreams come true. Cry and get it out of your system if you feel like it and then soldier on. Drink lots and lots of water. Cherish those special little moments. Treat yourself to something nice. Stand up for yourself, you deserve to be respected. Put together an activity/trip list with everything you’re interested in and then start planning. Have a fabulous month of July.

Tons of love,

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