Photography: Supercandy Pop-Up Museum, Cologne

In this day and age, pretty much everyone who is involved with blogging, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is always on the lookout for new content. We try to come up with new ideas for a blog post, seek out pretty locations to take some photos at, invest a lot of time into building a platform and hope that it gets us somewhere. Personally, I would love to visit pretty locations and take tons of pictures a lot more often, but it’s a bit hard when none of your friends are into the same things as you. I mean sure, if we’re out and about and I want to have my picture taken, they make an effort, but it’s just not their thing. And I still haven’t found that Insta-boyfriend, who I could maybe force. (Maybe this is why I’m single!)

Anyway, early into the year, I stumbled upon a location in Cologne that looked like so much fun. The Supercandy Pop-Up Museum was an old building that was completely painted pink and provided every Instagrammers dream on the inside. I really wanted to go and my mom was kind enough to volunteer. Which was good, cause I needed someone to take a million pictures of me, without wanting a million of themselves.

Supercandy Pop-Up Museum

So basically, you arrived during a specific time slot and had around two hours to take as many pictures as possible. There were all kinds of different sets, where you could be as creative, as you like. I did a whole lot of research beforehand and knew what I wanted to do and wear. I had a huge bag full of clothes and props with me, which was very heavy, and I changed my outfits a couple of times. Because I’m a smart girl, I chose outfits that could actually be changed without having to get naked. Cause if you only have two hours, there is no time to run to the changing rooms, all the time.

So yeah, it was heaven. And also crazy and super exhausting. I’m not sure if I had ever made such an effort before. I truly gave it my all. So did my mom. But let me tell you how it also hurt to jump face forward into a pit full of plastic balls. I also broke pretty much all of my nails and was sore for days. But it was still a fun thing to do. I especially loved everything pink and there was also free candy and ice cream. However, as much fun as it was, my mom and I were both glad when we were done.

Supercandy cologne

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the pictures, but I will show you a lot more in this post. My mom took more than 700 pictures of me and I was so glad, that I actually liked some of them. They didn’t get me a million new Instagram followers, but I still love them. Sadly, it was only a pop-up and in the meanwhile has been torn down. I would’ve loved to go again. But I was lucky to even find out about it in time and get a time slot because they sure were popular.

When we arrived at the place, there were already so many other people waiting to be let in, but my mom and I were smart and just let them all go ahead of us. Cause I definitely didn’t want others in my pictures. And you know how hard that can be sometimes.

The entry was all pink and nice. There were some make-up stations to do touch-ups and goodie bags were also waiting for everyone to take after being done. And I just get a certain kind of feeling when everything is pink. Even though I’m not as obsessed with the color, as I used to be, it still gives me lots of joy. I actually had a balloon wall at my thirtieth birthday party but didn’t really take pictures, cause I was in a bad mood for most of the night, but that’s a different story. So I was happy to take pictures with all these pink balloons now.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

Next up was the black ball pit, where I definitely spent most of my time. Pink and black just go together so well. And I jumped until I couldn’t jump anymore. I definitely took home some bruises. But as a superhero, you just can’t give up. I literally changed outfits in the middle of the pit cause there was no time. If only I had known that nobody really checks how long you’ve been inside the museum, I would have probably been a bit more relaxed. I also want a huge ball pit now.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

The next set was a big room where everything was pink. From flamingos to the little beach hut – it was every girly girl’s heaven on earth. And of course, there was another ball pit. This time in pink. But let me tell you how hard it is to get onto those floaties. And if you look at the pictures, can you tell how I’m not a professional Instagrammer? I held one floaty with all the safety instructions toward the camera and I was too lazy to photoshop it all. That whole room would have been so fun for a party, but I definitely do not have that kind of money. And it’s all gone now, anyway.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologneSupercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

And finally, there were some smaller installations which were so much fun. A whole room for coloring or my personal favorite, a pink airplane. I just had to bring my Barbie pajamas and fuzzy socks, since I always travel in pretty comfortable clothes. Not like this, but being a little over the top never hurts. There was also a room with a confetti canon, which they unfortunately only shot once, but oh well. I even brought a cute umbrella. I got into a tub full of pink balls and brought a robe, bubbles, a shower cap and whatever else I thought could come in handy.

We took all the pictures pretty quickly, cause there were lots of people waiting and I’m not one of those people, who just take ages and annoy everyone. Especially those who hog a location and then think about what to do while on the scene. Like seriously, prepare yourselves. The pictures will be better and everyone else will dislike you a lot less.

Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne Supercandy cologne

So that was my visit to the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne. There were more sets, but I skipped them cause I don’t really work well with other colors. And there was one space, I saw in other people’s photos but unfortunately forgot about. I was upset for a bit, but you just can’t have it all. It was a super small and very well hidden corner. Overall, I think I did pretty well, though. I honestly don’t get how they couldn’t do this permanently since it was always sold out and it was just a genius idea that probably made a lot of money. I’m still happy that I made it there before closing and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

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