What I Miss About The 90s

Anyone who knows me knows that I am still obsessed with the 90s. I just really can’t let them go. I listen to the music pretty much every day, I rewatch old shows and love buying anything 90s related. So I thought, I would put together a list with all the things I miss. I spent the 90s in two different countries, so maybe not everyone will get everything on this list. Man, it actually makes me a bit sad to miss all these things, cause I had a great childhood and love looking back.

Polly Pocket 90s

Trying to choose which CD to buy next at the music store.
My Furby getting on my nerves.
Always trying to dress like the Spice Girls.
Reading teen magazines.
Plastering my room with posters of the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.
Renting VHS tapes like Barney or the Olsen Twins.
Mom buying me pizza Lunchables if we went grocery shopping before school.
Carrying a phone card instead of a phone.
Recording songs from the radio and hoping to get all of it.
Getting rewarded with a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us after doing good in school.
Prank calls via landline.
Having Polly in my pocket.
Being an absolute pro at Tetris, PacMan and Super Mario on my Gameboy.
Being outside with my friends all day long.
Finding out who my crush is through playing Dream Phone.
Collecting the newest Barbie dolls.
Drawing on my Doodle Bear.
Putting together actual mixtapes.
All the colorful clothes.
Feeling absolute boss with my Buffalo platform shoes.
Swapping stickers with my friends.

90s toys
Feeding my Tamagotchi.
Just all the amazing TV shows. Clarissa? Daria? Rugrats? FAB!
Dressing my Barbie dolls in super cute outfits.
Collecting all the OG Disney merchandise from Pocahontas, Lion King etc.
Having a fun time with my cool babysitters.
Being boss at Candyland.
Collecting all the cool toys from McDonald’s.
Pretending to be a Power Ranger.
Watching my lava lamp just letting it flow.
Using cute LisaFrank stationery.
Singing along with Barney the dinosaur.
Feeling super organized with my Trapper Keeper.
Sending little notes on paper instead of text messages.
That sound from the computer when going online.
Forever watching music videos.
Trying out some yo-yo tricks.
Dancing around with Suzie Stretch.
The smell of cupcake dolls.

Barbie Dolls 90s
Enjoying a ring or push pop.
Catching as many balls as possible with a hippo.
Using that blender from my Barbie dreamboat.
Wearing bike shorts all the time. Sooo comfy.
Cruising around town with my inline skates.
Sporting a super cool Baby-G watch.
Trying forever to get a slinky properly down the stairs.
Making and sharing friendship bracelets.
That little paper clip that helped with documents on the computer.
Sneaking up on my friends and quickly ripping open those buttoned-up pants.
Exchanging actual letters with my friends all the time.
Collecting Baby-Sitters Club books.
Trying to be like Clarissa Darling.
Always having good music on the radio.
Letting my sky dancer fly.
Singing “Colors of the Wind” at the top of my lungs over and over again.
Learning all the choreographies from music videos.

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4 Responses to What I Miss About The 90s

  1. Omg this list got me straight into the feels! If there is one thing that I miss it’s my mom buying me a Mizz or Cosmo Girl magazine on the way home from school or over the weekend and I would spend ages in my room flicking through it and marking the fashion pages of the pieces I wanted to buy.



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  3. OMG you did everything 90s! Had totally forgotten about Polly Pocket – thanks for the reminder! Fun times :)


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