Goodbye December 2019

Goodbye to December,

and hello January. Happy new year, everyone. As you can tell by the fact that this post comes on the 20th, my resolutions are going very well. Obviously, I didn’t leave my lack of motivation in 2019. However, I like doing these recap posts, cause it gives me a good opportunity to look back on things.

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So what about December. Overall, I would say that it was ok. I had a week off from work and even though I did spend a lot of time at the hospital, cause my mom had another knee surgery, I managed to do a few nice things for myself. I finally went swimming. At first with my bestie and my godson and after they left went for some rounds by myself. It did feel good since I hadn’t been to a pool since 2015. I should definitely go more often — still looking for that motivation to get my shit together.

I also went on a quick shopping spree at Primark. I know, this doesn’t sound too special, but once or twice a year, I drive to Frankfurt, buy lots of things I don’t need at Primark, pick up some junk food and head back home. I love it. Also went to Ikea to pick up a few bits and pieces and visited my grandma for an afternoon. So I guess my week off really wasn’t bad.

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The rest of the month was pretty much all about Christmas. When I went somewhere, it was mostly to pick up presents and then rewarding myself with food I don’t get too often. And of course, putting up decorations, getting a tree and so on. I actually like Christmas time, but this year, I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I didn’t know what to expect since the months leading up to it weren’t the greatest, but it turned out all right. Even my mom had an ok time and we even picked up and decorated the three together, which made me pretty happy.

I think my issue was pretty much that I didn’t really have much time to prepare everything. I would just love not having to work every December or at least in between Christmas and New Year’s. Pretty much all my friends and family didn’t have to work and it would be so much easier to get together and all. It was still nice. Lots of good food, some cute presents and just overall a pretty good time. And this year, it wasn’t as stressful as it usually was. Also spent one night chatting to my best friend until like four in the morning and that alone was amazing. So yay for Christmas. Already missing all the beautiful lights everywhere.

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So yeah, the month was ok, but I’m still glad that the year is over. A fresh start is never really a bad thing and for me, a new year feels like that. Nothing too special happened (aside from one encounter, but I’m still thinking about writing a whole post about it, cause that was something else), which I’m ok with. There were a few great moments and I’m grateful for those. So here is to many more…

Ney year – new start. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Make a list with some fun things you would like to do in 2020. Spend more time with the people closest to you. Say “no” if you don’t feel like doing something. Reward yourself when you need a little pick-me-up. Never forget, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Tons of love,

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