Goodbye March 2020

Goodbye March,

and hello April. Ummm, I don’t really know how to start because the current situation is just crazy and terrible. We can probably agree on that. I don’t feel like talking or writing about it much though because we all know what is going on and there seems to be no other topic. So I feel like for our own sanity, definitely for my own, we should also talk about other things. And when we do, it doesn’t mean we are oblivious to what’s going on.

But personally, I don’t want to constantly bring myself down, which would absolutely happen, so I’m staying hopeful and positive. I am grateful for every day that my loved ones and I are healthy and yes, I stay home unless I have to run errands, I see my current work situation as a chance to breathe and have more time to myself and am actually happier than usual, even though that seems stupid. But it’s the little things that bring me joy and I decided to focus on that.

insta march

So, enough about that. This monthly round-up is about March, which wasn’t super eventful. Social distancing and all. Before all of that started, I at least went out for a nice breakfast with my bestie, with whom I also went for a nice walk with my godson and the doggies on another day. And that was is. The other times I was outside, I went into the woods with my doggy or to the grocery store. What an eventful life I’m living.

The highlight of the month was probably getting a tooth removed…NOT. I was in so much pain for days, cause idiot me thought work was more important than seeing a doctor and I had to take so many pain killers. It was not fun and the remaining hole was incredibly disgusting. I’m glad it has healed a bit, but I still find it a bit disgusting. So one tooth down and hopefully no more pain for a long time.

Insta march

Actually, the real highlight was finally getting Disney+. There was no better moment and I’m still over the moon. Not that I don’t already watch enough other things on TV, Netflix, etc. I have a serious problem but I always try to do something else during my screen time. The first movie I watched was the live-action Lady and the Tramp and it was adorable. And after a few more movies, I’m currently watching Boy meets World in between everything else.

So that’s not a lot but completely ok. I’m spending lots of time with my mom now, and we’re doing fun things together. I’m working on all my indoor hobbies more (haha, like I have any outdoor hobbies) and just making the best of a crappy situation. I have no idea where all this positivity is coming from but it’s there and I like it.

Insta March

Write a letter to someone you currently can’t visit. Start a new project. Stare at the beautiful blue sky and get your daydreaming on. Give your house a good spring clean. Find happiness in the little things. Talk to someone when you’re not feeling good. Stick to the social distancing rules. And please, stay safe!

Tons of love,

Cherry Blossoms

Lovely life
Starbucks breakfast with friends blue sky my godson can finally walk more time for myself late presents all my new clothes ice cream mom cooking a lot talking to my grandma buying all my favorite food trash TV the smell inside hardware stores Disney+ less work buying cool things online shopping with mom sleeping in old TV shows texting more with the girls being in a good mood making the best of a bad situation gardening with mom Dirty Dancing getting shit done cute stickers live-action Lady and the Tramp wearing comfy clothes all the time

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