World, meet Charlie

Growing up, we always had a dog up until I was a teenager. Then we had some cats but, to be honest, I’ve always been more of a dog person. We decided not to get one, cause they are a lot of work. You always have to plan around them, take them outside, no matter how bad the weather it, and with everybody working and all, it just didn’t seem fair to get a dog. I often thought about getting one but didn’t feel like taking on this kind of responsibility.

Anyway, last September, sadly, my grandmother passed away and she had a dog. And what can I say, we adopted him. He had been with us for little vacations here and there, so he knew his way around and out of all the families, ours was the best for him. Since I can work from home or even take him to the office if I have to, we always manage to take care of him and we can share the work as a family, which does make it easier. In this case, we didn’t really have a choice but never had to think twice about giving him a new home.

So now we have a little furball named Charlie living with us and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love him so much – we all do – and it’s crazy how much joy a pet can bring you. I feel like ever since we gave him a new home, I’ve been better mentally and even though he can also be annoying here and there, I just have to smile when I see him. He always sleeps in my room and when I sleep somewhere else, I miss him a lot. I love listening to him snore and all the weird other noises he makes. Oh, how I would love to know what his dreams are about. And yes, he’s allowed to sleep in my bed and I love our cuddles more than anything, especially on weekends after waking up.

He’s usually super chill, I can take him pretty much anywhere and I feel like in a way, we’re much alike. He needs a lot of sleep. Usually, he sleeps all through the night and even longer than I do, so that’s good. He can be pretty lazy so he doesn’t really want to go for long walks all the time, he’s always hungry and poops a lot. He’s me as a dog.

Considering he wasn’t really ever properly trained or anything, his manners are good and he doesn’t misbehave often. He could listen better in our garden but anywhere away from the house he is just the best, cause when he’s not in his territory, he trusts us to know what is right and wrong and doesn’t go off on his own, barks at other people or dogs, etc. But yeah, once he learned that this is his home now, he acted like it. But not in a super bad way. And a few little things we’re still working on.

We do everything we can for him – within reason of course – and he is one happy little dog. When we come home, he always greets us at the door, mostly with a toy in his mouth and wiggling his tail. He loves to cuddle all day long and I’m certain that he also feels when we’re feeling low, cause last month when I couldn’t sleep cause of a bad toothache, he crawled into bed with me and stayed really close, even though he sleeps in his doggy bed most of the time. And that just meant the world to me.

The cutie gets me out of the house more which is very good. He looks absolutely adorable, especially with his bed hair. That always cracks me up. I love how he rolls around on the floor or bed like he’s crazy. I cherish our morning cuddles more than he will ever know. We go on walking dates with my bestie and her dog and I always enjoy that very much. I give him baths, he gives me kisses and my camera roll is full of pictures of him. He is an absolute doll and I absolutely love having him.

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