Goodbye November 2017

Goodbye November,

and hello snowy December. When I look outside my window, I see nothing but white. It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I should probably put up my decorations. I’m just not motivated enough, yet. A lot of people have already bought Christmas presents, their tress are in place and I have done zero. The past month has just been absolutely ridiculous, with a lot of tears and all, and I had even less motivation than usual. I really didn’t think I would constantly struggle with my job and have it make me really unhappy, but I hope that things will look up soon.

So I don’t even know what to tell you about my November cause it would probably turn into a book of complaints and I want to spare you. I’ve never been a fan of this month anyway and it definitely held up its end of the bargain – it sucked! All the rain was depressing, it has gotten sooo cold and it’s just my least favorite month. Man, I really have to stop moaning cause that kills my mood, as well. So enough of it. I will go and look for my Christmas spirit and it will all be better.

However, I did spend some lovely hours with friends and family. I visited my grandma, which always makes her incredibly happy and there was a gathering at my other grandparents’ house, as well. I got to see my godson who – I can’t believe this – turns seven this month. There was a fun 90s party I visited with friends and we danced the night away to the best songs ever created, dressed in 90s outfits. I went to a comedy show and laughed my butt off, went to the movies and did a little fashion show, where I modelled wedding dresses. So I did leave the house occasionally but I always love those free days, when I can just relax in bed all day, watch shows and movies, do a little writing and everything else that is fun on a lazy day, a lot more.

I have high hopes for December. There is a 95% chance that work will get a little better soon and I have the week off before Christmas, so I can take care of everything I haven’t managed to take care of, by then. I’m looking forward to putting up my tree, I’ve already went outside to take some pretty snow pics and I love everything that has to do with Christmas. The holiday’s tend to be a bit stressful but they’re also lovely. So don’t forget to take care of your yourselves, as well. Buy yourself a little present for all the hard work you did this year. When my last paycheck came, I finally bought myself the seven dwarfs from the Disney Store and they’re absolutely adorable and make me smile. Get yourself a little something that you’ve wanted for a long time. There is nothing wrong with making yourself happy.

Listen to Christmas music, bake cookies, share some love, spend a cozy day inside when it’s super cold outside, buy a little present for yourself, take a walk in the snow, eat lots of chocolate, watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as you can, enjoy all the lights, be kind, give an old friend a call, be excited, try not to let life get you down, let the Christmas spirit into your heart and have a lovely December.

Tons of love,

Winter Wonderland

Lovely life
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