Goodbye December 2017

Goodbye December,

and hello January, hello new year. We have officially made it to 2018 and I truly hope that there are many good things waiting for all of us. I love how everyone is always so motivated in the beginning because it’s inspiring. I too want to better myself in many different ways, cause I would definitely love to experience and share more positivity. Therefore, I must be positive and make some changes in my life. These monthly round-ups always help me remember all the good that has happened. I think about fun moments I experienced and list all the small things that made me smile, because ultimately, they’re what matters.

So December is obviously the month of Christmas and mine was full of it. On occasion, there was also matching weather and I’m already completely over all the snow. It’s beautiful to look at, but it’s annoying when you have to leave the house. Gladly, I can work from home when it’s really bad. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of it, though. However, Christmas time was nice and stressful, as usual. I was happy to have a few days off leading up to the holiday’s and I had a lot on my to-do list. I baked cookies, bought lots of presents pretty last minute, got a tree and decorated it and all those shenanigans. Despite everything there is to do around this time of year, the festive season is just lovely. Tons of food, some family time and yeah, presents.

I also had some of my girls over for a huge Christmas breakfast. We always do a little get-together around the holiday’s at my place and it was super fun and also delicious. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it, but that’s just how it is, now that everyone has to adult. One of my friends had her baby girl with her for the first time (who by the way loooves me) and it went very well. Even though I’m not for having kids, my friends are always welcome to bring theirs. I’m actually thinking about getting a high chair for when the kids are brought along to make it a bit easier and more relaxing for the mother. We laughed, talked and ate so much that it lasted for hours. Breakfast is just the best meal of the day and tastes even better with friends.

What I really loved was the last weekend of the month. I’m not big on celebrating New Year’s and I always use this time to relax and get a lot of sleep. Three days of me-time with lots of junk food, visual entertainment and time in my bed were just what I really needed. It also gave me a chance to look back on the year and make plans for the new one. It wasn’t the best time, but it sure had great moments and who knows what 2018 will bring. I definitely made some resolutions (which you can read here) and hopefully, I will stick to all of them. I’m sure, all the things I came up with would make my life better.

And you know what else happened in December? Something at work changed and I got my requested leave for February which means, my planned birthday celebrations are actually happening. My best friend and I already booked flights to Barcelona and I’m sure this will be a great 30th birthday. I still have so much to plan for the trip and for the big party that will follow, but I’m really looking forward to having the time of my life. So there is a lot to do this month, but I’m sure it will all be worth it.

Be open to everything that’s coming, try sticking to your resolutions, but don’t beat yourself up, if you don’t, read more books, live a more healthy life, plan a fun trip, find a way to keep track of all the little things that make you happy, this year, declutter your life, give an old friend a call or send a surprise card, never feel too old to watch a Disney movie and have a great first month of the new year.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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