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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I’m definitely one of the people who love Christmas. Everything about it is beautiful, so I loved finding this new tag that my friend Honey from Royal Lifestyle put together, with some fun questions that I wanted to answer, in order to share my thoughts on the holiday’s. I know I’m pretty late with this, since it’s December 23rd, but it has just been a really busy time. But better late than never, right?

I definitely wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope you’ll have an amazing time with your loved ones. Eat as much as you can, enjoy giving and receiving gifts, listen to all the lovely holiday songs and just have a good time. And even if you’re not into Christmas, that’s fine too. Do whatever makes you happy.

01. What is your favorite Christmas song?
There are so many great ones, I don’t know how to decide. My top 4 would be “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt, “Last Christmas” by Wham! and “Christmas for Cowboys” by John Denver. For more inspiration, check out my Christmas mixtape here.

02. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I have to admit that pretty much all my favorite memories have to do with presents. My parents did a fabulous job and spoiled us rotten. I’ve always been pretty nosy though, so I found lots of presents before the big day. But every year, there were some special ones that were pretty well hidden. Since I could never find them, I was so surprised when they ended up being under the tree. There are many pictures where I have a super red face from all the crying I did because I was so happy. It definitely happened when I got an awesome bike or a desk. Man, I sure miss being a kid. Another great memory is seeing and holding my godson for the first time, seven years ago, on Christmas Day. I also loved traveling home for Christmas during my year abroad as an au pair. Even though I had the worst jet lag of my life, it was so nice to see how happy it made my family to have me with them. I did constantly fall asleep though, but I was there and that’s all that mattered. You should’ve seen my godson when he realized I was actually home – it was super cute.

03. What is your favorite Christmas ornament?
On the big tree in the living room, I love an ornament that I bought in San Francisco, the most. It’s a festive cable car, which is definitely a good representation for this beautiful city and it always reminds me of my time there. There are also some little Native American drums from when my family and I lived in Texas. It’s just a little something different. On my own tree, I love the little pink nutcracker that I bought after watching the ballet, the most.

San Francisco Ornament

04. Do you talk about presents or are they hidden and a secret? When do you show them?
I usually don’t tell people what I bought them, so they’re usually a secret. In Germany, the main event is Christmas Eve – presents and all. But it depends on when I see the people I have gifts for.

05. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Forever and always “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” which reminds me, I still need to watch it, this year. I also love “The Santa Clause” movies , “Home Alone” and “The Grinch” is a sweet one, as well.

06. Do you dress up for Christmas day?
It depends on my mood. I’d love to just hang out in my pj’s, but it doesn’t seem appropriate for Christmas. I’ve had years where I went all out but I’m not really a fan of annoying dresses and uncomfortable tights, anymore. I want to be able to eat without feeling constricted. But yeah, a little something nicer than usual happens with some christmassy accessories.

07. Do you find it hard to get all the presents?
I’m usually good at picking out presents for everyone, it just depends on how much time I have or whatever else I have going on in my life. This year, I was really late with everything and had my last present literally delivered today. I still have to fully put together three and then I’m done. I hate being this late with everything and I sure had some exhausting days this past week, so I hope I will have a better organization, next year.

08. What do you like to get for Christmas the most?
I love to get special surprises that I had no idea about. My friends always give me really cute things and I love it. As a kid, I was mad about everything Barbie and so much more. Seriously, presents are great and I’m honestly easy to shop for, so I mostly only get things I love. I honestly miss being a kid sometimes, cause I don’t get lots of actual presents, anymore. I mostly get money, but I admit that’s it definitely not the nicest gift to get, just the most useful.

Christmas cookies

09. Is there any special tradition for Christmas your family (your town or country) does?
Every year, my family and I make the same food and we only eat this once a year, so it’s pretty special and we’re always very excited for it. We always have fondue on Christmas Eve and it’s probably the only time of year when I eat actual meat. I’m not a vegetarian and I absolutely love ground beef and all, but I mean like steak, schnitzel and other actual pieces of meat – I don’t eat that. Except on Christmas, I eat beef filet and a lot of sides. We always make fondue and pretty much every year, I eat more than everything else. I can’t wait.

10. What are your plans for this Christmas time?
I’ve always wanted to spend Christmas time in New York, but that hasn’t worked out, yet. I definitely try to bake cookies, every year, while wearing my special Christmas apron, I always decorate the trees, I invite my girls over for a little Christmas get-together and you know, all the other Christmas madness. For the actual Christmas days, every year is pretty much the same. Christmas Eve with my family, on Christmas Day we visit our grandparents and see the rest of the fam and on the 2nd Christmas Day (yes, we have that in Germany), I visit the family of my mom’s partner. It seriously never changes. I really want to watch a Christmas movie or two tomorrow, clean my room and hopefully have everything ready for the best time of the year.

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2 Responses to The Christmas Tag

  1. Honey says:

    Merry late Christmas ♥ and a happy New Year! 😀
    I love your answers, I didn’t think you (anyone I tagged) would be so descriptive and I love it 🙂 ornament looks really cute and vintage and I love it.
    also, then we have to go to NY together, it’s my dream too! although, I would just like to go there during December and then come back home for Christmas day..

    xo Honey – blog Royal Lifestyle – Twitter – Instagram


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