Happy New Year and Hello 2018

As I am writing this, it is New Year’s Eve and I’m in my bed, like pretty much every year. I just never know what else to do with myself because I don’t really feel like hanging out with a bunch of couples. So I’m in my sleeping clothes, eating tons of junk food, writing and binge-watching the fabulous 90s show “Ocean Girl.” My preferred drink is tea cause I have a cold, which seems to become my personal New Year’s tradition. Last year, I was much worse, though. I was also looking forward to a long weekend of me-time, so this is perfect.

As every year, I look back and can’t help myself but think: “Where the hell did the year go?” But I can’t say I’m mad, since it wasn’t exactly fabulous. I’m sure, I don’t have to recall all the terrible things that happened in this world, although admittedly, there were also some great things. We can probably all agree that we don’t want another 2017 and it can only get better. Right? RIGHT????

Personally, it wasn’t such a brilliant year, as well. My main goal was to find happiness and I have failed, miserably. The problem ist that nobody knows what will ultimately make them happy. Sure, there were great moments, but the big picture isn’t very satisfying. I guess my living situation, my forever single status, my not always great job and some other things all impact my mood and prevent me from being happy. And I’m also a super Negative Nancy which doesn’t help very much, as well. For me, the glass is always half empty which is annoying but just who I am.

So I guess, I need to come up with new resolutions and who knows, maybe 2018 will turn out better. This year, I didn’t read one book which is pretty embarrassing, but I was so incredibly addicted to watching TV shows. I didn’t gain many social media followers and my blogging game was not good, which I constantly blamed on being tired and stressed. Overall, I hardly did any of all the things I could’ve done and I must admit that I’ve just been extremely lazy in my spare time. I really need to work harder on my goals and stop being like this. It’s just so much easier to give in to it. See, what I’m doing? Being negative – it’s ridiculous.

Therefore, I will continue with some positive things. Although there have been greater years, there have also been worse. I did stick to my “One Line A Day” book and read through it today. It sure wasn’t uplifting cause I mainly moan about how tired and stressed I am, but I was also reminded of the fun memories that this past year has given me.

One of my besties made me her maid of honor and the wedding was lovely.
Boy, that bachelorette party was amazing.
We have a new baby in our friend group.
Breakfasts, dinners, movie nights, trips to the amusement park, walks etc. with my friends were always wonderful.
I bought a new old car.
I went on a wonderful trip to Copenhagen.
I met some really great people through my job and had the chance to write great stories.
Spent time with my god son and we always had a blast.
Super fun 90s parties.
I made new friends.

My year 2017

2018 is a big deal for me because I’m turning 30 and I feel like that’s a good reason to change things. I really want to feel good about myself and my life, so I definitely have to put in some work. A proper organization would already help a lot and I shouldn’t drown myself in misery and feeling tired. Not watching TV shows every spare minute and not staying up much too late would help the cause, as well. New year, new me – I would really love to achieve this.

Read more books – I’m so embarrassed about not reading any in 2017 but I have lots of interesting ones waiting for me.
Lose weight – For the past two years, I did nothing but eat and I’m getting a little disgusted by it and I don’t feel comfortable, anymore.
Travel more – I’ve already got a trip booked to Barcelona
Get my physical problems under control – I have issues that often keep me from living my life to the fullest and I just want to change that.
Gain more followers on social media – I really have to be more active and consistent.
Have the best year for my blog – Again, I have to work a lot on consistency.
Stop being negative and find happiness – I’m sure that this is the most difficult but someday, I will make it.
Get out more – I stay inside too much and there are many things I miss out on.
My “One Line A Day” book – At least one thing I managed to stick to.
Be better at adulting – You know, water my plants, be less chaotic, cook more regularly.
Finish my Au Pair scrapbooks – I’ve been back for more than two years.

So I wish you all a happy new year and hope that 2018 will be absolutely amazing.

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