Goodbye January 2018

Goodbye January,

and hello February. The fact that I’m putting out this post after more than a week into the month, shows that my blogging resolutions are going fantastic. I feel like I’ve been the worst with blogging and social media but I really have a lot going on. February is my birthday month and believe it or not, I’m turning 30. I tend to freak out about my special day and this one is no exception. So I’m travelling to Barcelona for a few days and I also have a big party planned and all of this costs me a lot of time. I’ve been ordering decorations, hitting up stores, writing lists, sending out invitations, trying to figure out what I want to do in Barcelona and everything else that needed to be done. And since I also work full-time, have a social life and also need a good dose of just doing nothing, I didn’t have much time or motivation for writing.

There are some resolutions though that are going great. I wanted to lose weight and I’m already down 7 kilos. Since I’m not really known as Sporty Spice, I have to really control my eating and I spend a lot of time cooking. But it’s working in a healthy way and I hope I can lose some more. I’m definitely happy with this result. I also picked up reading again and already managed three books. When I proudly told this to my friend, she was like: “I read 13.” She sure killed my vibe haha. But I also watch like 14 TV shows weekly and movies etc. so all is well and I’m looking forward to more books. The other resolutions still need some time, but I’m working on it.

I didn’t get out of the house a lot because I didn’t want to. I went to the movies once to watch Pitch Perfect 3, which definitely wasn’t as good as the first two pitches and I spent some time with my god son. We basically had a major cheat-day and ate so much junk food that we ended up feeling pretty sick. A friend of mine also hosted a swap party and I absolutely loved it. It’s a fun way to get rid of some stuff that you don’t need anymore and snatch up some other things. I’m definitely going to organize one of these parties in the near future. So this was pretty much it for the month. I can’t really remember any other special things I did. But that’s ok cause February will definitely make up for this.

Say yes to new adventures, listen to your body, make time for yourself, try not to care so much about the negative things, live in the moment, never be afraid to show your emotions, put in a cheat day, reward yourself, cherish the little things and never regret something that once made you smile.

Tons of love,

Lovely life
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