35 Reasons Why It’s Not So Great To Be Single (Sometimes)

If you’re a close reader of my blog, you probably know that I am a big advocate of being single. I’ve been by myself for pretty much eight years now and for the most part, it wasn’t an issue, at all. I’m a true believer of “I don’t need a man to make anything happen” and it’s true, I really don’t, but I admit that I have my moments, where I think that it may not be so bad, after all. It probably has to do with me turning 30 and also with having my life at least halfway in order. Furthermore, almost every single one of my friends is in a relationship or married and I guess it does something to me. The winter season is also not very helpful, with Christmas and all.

So for once, I thought about why it wouldn’t be so terrible to be with someone, assuming it’s healthy and doesn’t make me feel terrible, all the time. Been there, done that. I mean, being single was a personal decision and not because I couldn’t find someone who wanted to be with me. There was just never someone great enough to make me change my mind. Even though I’m considering it now, he still has to be pretty amazing to make me fall for him. But maybe the following realizations will then remind me of why it’s not so terrible to have a boyfriend. And yes, I have friends, I have a family but it’s just different. I’m sure you know what I mean. And I’m also not as selfish as I may sound. Everything listed goes both ways, of course.

o1. I have nobody to cuddle with.
02. Sometimes, the shoulder to cry on is simply missing.
03. No special lazy nights/Sunday’s.
04. I’m constantly missing someone to travel with.
05. Nobody to call in the middle of the night.
06. There is someone missing who I can share all great things with.
07. I don’t have anyone worthy of sending sexy pictures to.
08. There is never a +1 to bring for any occasion.
09. Zero butterflies in my belly. Really being in love is a wonderful feeling.
10. The minimum spending I cannot reach when ordering in food.
11.  Nobody who drives and picks me up when I want to have a drink with friends.
12. I’m always the single girl at every party.
13. There is nobody I can call babe.
14. Nobody who really makes me feel loved, just the way I am.
15. People wanting to hook me up with random people I couldn’t be less interested in.
16. No Netflix and chill nights for me.
17. Nobody I can just share everything with.
18. I can’t afford to move out and live by myself.
19. Cooking for one isn’t always fun.
20. There is no special someone who catches me when I fall.
21. Having to freeze on my own during winter/Christmas time.
22. No person I could make cute and special presents for.
23. I’m missing someone I can laugh my ass off and be silly with, all the time.
24. Cute dates like ice skating or mini golfing are not happening for me.
25. Nobody to take proper pictures of me. I need an Insta-boyfriend.
26. I can’t force anyone to do the things I love.
27. I’m definitely missing out on crazy make-out sessions.
28. There is no actual guy I can write about. I’m a blogger, after all.
29. I can’t go on double dates with my friends.
30. Always being the third wheel is getting kinda old.
31. No reason to shave my legs.
32. I’m always alone on New Year’s Eve, hiding in bed.
33. Nobody to play video or other games with, do a puzzle etc.
34. People love to give me a pitiful or shocked look like being single is the worst.
35. Having no one helping me get through family functions.

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2 Responses to 35 Reasons Why It’s Not So Great To Be Single (Sometimes)

  1. Honey says:

    I don’t know if I needed this or if this just made me so depressed haha
    same here! I know I’m capable on living perfectly without a boyfriend, but I still want one. I hate not having a +1 and being the only one in my group that single and then if a slow song starts, I’m just awkwardly there or a third wheel haha
    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


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